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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

108) Magic in the Blood by Devon Monk

Nothing is free when you use magic. Allie Beckstrom knows that better than anyone and has had to pay the price before. Migraines and memory loss is just a small payment but her job requires her to use magic so she suffers the consequences. Tracing illegal spells back to their maker is Allie's job as a Hound and it is something she doesn't want to give up.

So when the police ask for Allie's help she is happy about getting a pay check. On the other hand the person doing the asking has a bad reputation with Hounds so Allie is a little cautious. So when the trail she is following pulls her into a deeper world of magic and hounding that she hasn't seen before, she realises she will need more than magic to come back out of it alive.

Magic to the Bone was a spectacular read and this second part Magic in the Blood was just as special. One thing that stands out about these books is the new original angle. This series has only just begun but I can tell it is building up to something more. Little pieces of info here and there and the cliffhanger ending made sure that I will be following this series for as far as it goes and with the development Allie is making that could be a long time.

Dark and pure paranormal urban fantasy this is a series that is definitely not to be missed. With so many new great new releases out right now I am sure people will be fed up of my more than positive reviews. However right now it is Paranormal Urban Fantasy heaven as far as new releases are concerned and I am enjoying every page of it!

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Vickie said...

I have heard a lot of good things about this series and you just made me highlight the author on my to look for list. Thanks for the review!