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Sunday, May 24, 2009

112) Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder

Being a glassmaker and magician in training leaves Opal Cowen busy enough. Then she is called upon to help the Stormdancer clan. Someone has somehow managed to ruin the clan's glass orbs killing their most powerful magicians. Opal's special abilities in the area make her the perfect person to help solve the mystery. What nobody knows is that it will be the start of a long journey for Opal and her special talents.

Opal discovers new magic inside of her which leaves her intrigued but frightened. Her affinity to glass both helps and hinders her progress as much as the enemies she has gathered along her way. With lives hanging in the balance, Opal tries to control her powers and use them for good. But how can she control the new powers if she hasn't had time to try them out? But when her enemies challenge her there is nothing else she can do but use them and hope that disaster doesn't follow.

The long awaited new series by author Maria V. Snyder has finally hit the bookshelves and also my post box. After The Study series took me by surprise I have been calmly waiting to see what the author would deliver to us next. What arrived is a superb new story set in the world I grew to love in the Study series.

Opal has not yet grabbed me as much as Yelena did but she does have me ready to face the rest of her journey with her. Going back to Ixia and Sitia was like being on holiday and like any great holiday, it is always sad to leave. It was good to catch up with old friends if only for a while but the knowledge that there will be more holidays with Opal and the other friends I have made makes me smile.

Sea Glass is the next book in the series and I will calmly wait, again, until it is released. I never thought I could enjoy a fantasy adventure series but Maria V. Snyder is just magic.


Anna said...

I like Yelena alot more, but I thought it was a pretty good story. It was good seeing characters from the Study series.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad to hear you liked it! I loved the Study series, but I'm always nervous about the next story.

Pissenlit said...

*happy sigh* I just finished reading this yesterday.