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Saturday, May 9, 2009

95) Doomsday Can Wait by Lori Handeland

Liz Phoenix has always had premonitions but she didn't know the real reason for them until recently. Liz is one of the few people on Earth who has psychic powers to fight the evil forces trying to wipe out the human race. There have been attempts since the beginning of time but now doomsday is closing in again and Liz is the new leader of the federation who can stop it.

Her only experience against the beings is her first and only battle a few months ago. Since then things have been quiet and Liz has been hoping to replenish her troops. Unfortunately most of them are dead or in hiding so she has to rely on he ex-lover Jimmy, a fairy called Summer and a skinwalker called Sawyer. With doomsday just around the corner, Liz is up against something alot darker and malicious than before. Is Doomsday too close for Liz to stop it? Or will Doomsday wait for Liz to be ready?

This is book two in the Phoenix Chronicles and another great read written by Lori Handeland. I loved Any Given Doomsday so I was extremely excited about this latest release. However now it is over I just want part three to come along, the sooner the better. This was a great read but it felt like it was just filling the gap before the next better book in this series comes along. While alot happened and more things became clear this book was just building things up and there is more amazing things to come and I want to know now!

Very dramatic with fantastic paranormal elements this is an action packed roller coaster reading experience. I love the characters, even though I feel I need to get to know some of them more, and the writing style is perfect. Hot in the places it is needed and fast and furious when demanded this is nothing like any other series out there and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Vickie said...

Cool cliffhanger type book. *grin* at your impatience to know more now.