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Sunday, June 28, 2009

131) The Perils of Quad by Carl Joglar

Bodi Hawkes is a foster child who keeps having blackouts. The blackouts that Bodi keeps having aren't your everyday blackouts and every time he wakes up from them he finds himself somewhere else, blocks away from where the blackout began. The time he blacks out is full of what he can only call dreams and he has no idea why this keeps happening to him.

Most of the foster families he has been placed with haven't been able to cope with his 'disappearances' and he has been moved to a new family. This time he is in luck and the family he has been placed with is different. Maybe this time things will be better for him.

Then he finds out what happens to him when the blackouts occur. He is actually changing into alternate superhuman versions of himself from four different dimensions. This is not only scary but very cool and his new friend Phoenix Mack helps him find a professor who maybe able to help him make sense of what is happening to him.

The Perils of Quad is a fascinating Young Adult novel that grabbed me from the very start. Sci-fi isn't really my thing and I did find some of this story to be a little confusing but all in all this was a very exciting read. I liked the characters and the storyline was new and unusual. This had the feel of a Scott Westerfeld book and made me think of his Midnighters and Uglies series.


Vickie said...

This looks like one to add to the WWBL. Thanks for the cranium's up.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great read!