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Saturday, April 3, 2010

44) Divine by Mistake by P.C. Cast

Teacher Shannon Parker is spending some of her holiday shopping. When she comes across an unusual vase at a house clearance she decides she has to have it. On the drive home something strange happens and Shannon finds herself transported to Partholon, another world, that is filled with a few faces she knows.

Somehow Shannon is now a goddess and while it is great to get waited on hand and foot she is also expected to perform rituals half naked. Then there is the little problem of having a marry a centaur. How that will work she has no idea. However those things are the least of her problems as the whole land is being attacked by vampire type creatures. Will Shannon be able to save the people and find her way back home?

I am a huge fan of the House of the Night series that P.C. Cast writes with her daughter Kristen but I have never tried any of P.C's other books. So when the chance to read this series was given to me I had to accept. The blurb for Divine by Mistake really spoke to me and now I have another addictive series to add to my long list of must reads.

The setting of Partholon has a Greek feel to it but it also has a hint of the middle ages interlaced with it. I instantly felt like exploring and looking around through Shannon's eyes was a pleasant experience. She is a strong and fun main character to spend time with and I really grew to like her as the story progressed.

The Centaur aspect of this story really made the book alot more interesting for me as it is a creature I have never come across in my past reads. While this seemed to be mainly fantasy there was also quite a bit of romance and action. The steady pace of the plot had me eager to keep reading to the end and I am extremely glad to have the other books waiting on my bookshelf for me.

This series has been around for a while but they are just being released in the UK (with the most amazing new covers) by MIRA. I feel stupid for not checking this series out sooner and can't wait to read the rest of the series. I can't imagine what comes next and I know I am going to enjoy finding out.

If you have read and enjoyed the House of the Night series then you really need to check this series out. While this isn't Young Adult material it is still utterly great writing and a special reading experience.

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Monica Corwin said...

I love this series and P.C. Cast. If you haven't tried her Goddess Summoning Series then you DEFINITELY HAVE TOO. They are just as amazing.