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Saturday, April 10, 2010

47) Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson is an extremely busy mechanic. Unfortunately it isn't just her car repairing business that keeps her occupied. She also deals with vampires, Fae and werewolves but seeing as she can shape shift into a coyote she is kind of used to being around the paranormal.

She is now also the mate to the Alpha of the local werewolf pack and is happily dating him. Then something goes wrong and Mercy finds herself pushing Adam away and keeping another wolf close to her. In the meantime a friend has gone missing and Mercy has an item of his that alot of Fae seem to be interested in getting their hands on. The Fae can be very dangerous and before Mercy realises what has happened she finds herself too deep to get herself back out alone.

Is this really only book five in the series? I feel like Mercy has been around forever! However I also feel like it has been a long time since I met up with her last. Silver Borne is the newest installment in the Mercy Thompson series and yet again Patricia Briggs has written an amazing story and kept me captivated for the whole read.

It didn't take long to reacquaint myself with my favourite coyote. So it was no surprise when once again Mercy found herself in deep trouble. Mercy seems to have changed a little now that she is part of the local werewolf pack and dating Adam but she is still the strong, stubborn and kick-ass coyote I have come to know and love. The story flows, the suspense grows and I found myself not being able to put the book down for long. Now I wait patiently for the next book which I am sure will take forever to come out.

If you haven't tried this series then you are missing out on one of the best urban paranormal series out there. Different and surprising this series is a must buy for me and one that I highly recommend to anyone looking for something new. Just start at the beginning to get the full effect.

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StyleVamp said...

I completely agree with you, the Mercy Thompson series is one my favorite characters from the UF series that I read.. The book was amazing..but I want more, I don't think I can wait till next year when the new book comes out. I do like that Briggs is slowly incorporating the alpha and omega series into the mercy series...eventually these 2 character together will make for an amazing story...