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Sunday, June 20, 2010

87) I'll Be Slaying You by Cynthia Eden

Sandra 'Dee' Daniels is on a mission to get rid of all the supernatural monsters that prey on the innocent people of Baton Rogue. Since her family was slaughtered she has been working for Night Watch, a bounty hunting agency that specialises in hunting down paranormals. Her main focus is vampires, after all they are the scum who killed her loved ones and left her behind with the awful memories.

Rumour has it that a Born vampire is coming to town and he is out to paint the town red with blood. Sandra is on the case but a guy keeps getting in her way. Simon Chase is strong, sexy and has a past like Sandra's. He makes her body very excited but he has a secret in his past, one that will change Dee's life. Now she just has to stay alive long enough to find out what that secret is.

I'll Be Slaying You is the newest offering from author Cynthia Eden and it really lives up to its title. Romantic, action packed and sexy this was a roller coaster ride of emotions that not only hit the characters but also me, the reader. So many feelings are awakened by Cynthia's books and it isn't just the heat of the story that gets my pulse racing, the power pulls me into the book and just don't let go till the very end.

While this new book is set in the all too familiar paranormal world that this author has created, it, like its predecessors, can be read without reading any of the other books. This is one big plus for me. It is hard to keep up with every series and the little details and plots. Here in this world I can slip back in, another character taking the reins, and sit back and enjoy. No need to rack my brains to remember who is who or what happened before.

Cynthia Eden's books are extremely enjoyable and I look forward to each one. I'll Be Slaying You releases on July 1st (according to Amazon.de) and if you are looking for something sexy to sizzle in the sun too this Summer, then look no further. Lay back in the warmth and soak up this paranormal delight.


Karen said...

I'm lookingforward to this one - I read the first book in the series "Eternal hunter" and it was fantastic.

Cynthia Eden said...

Amber, thanks so much for reviewing I'll Be Slaying You--and I'm very glad you enjoyed the book!

Martha Lawson said...

Anxiously awaiting this one!!