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Friday, August 27, 2010

119) Eternal Moon by Rebecca York

Blurb -

Good and evil clash down through the ages in a struggle for supremacy. Renata Cordona is the reincarnation of an ancient goddess. Werewolf Jacob Marshall is a dog whisperer and her true consort. They have met countless times through the centuries in different lives. And each time, a demon steps into the equation to keep them from fulfilling their destiny. They've never been strong enough to fight the ancient evil. But can a werewolf change the equation? Or will they repeat the pattern of destruction and doom humanity along with themselves?

My Thoughts -

This book has been on my shelf for nearly a year and it finally found the light the other day. This is book eight in the series and it has been a while since I have read number seven. Despite the long break I didn't have trouble getting back into this series. Each story so far manages to do a good job of standing alone with only a small amount of story having anything to do with the previous books. Also the author does some great short and to the point re-caps to help the reader understand the past elements.

The quick start moved along into a surprising middle and then dragged into a slow end. I found the story started off well and gained a lot of pave fast but then went a bit off track. The stories surrounding the main characters seemed to get a little silly towards the end and I needed more werewolf mystery and less travelling to other dimensions and past life experience. What started off as paranormal romance turned into a more futuristic fantasy mix.

A nice easy read with a nice romance story built in. This has enjoyable moments as well as 'why?' moments. The next book in the series will go onto my wishlist but I am not rushing out to get it. I like the concept, a little like Lori Handeland's werewolf series, but the author seems to be unsure of what to do with the characters and should maybe think about leaving this series be and trying something else.

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