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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Author Guest Blog & Contest with J.K. Beck aka Julie Kenner

Who is author J.K. Beck? Well you may have heard about her under another name? Julie Kenner?

Demon Hunting moms are forgotten for the next couple of months because Julie has a new series out and the first book is released today (31st of August) with the next two books following closely behind in September and October!

Enjoy the guest blog about her new books and then make sure you enter the contest for your chance to win an ARC!


Today is circled in red on my calendar, because today is Release Day for the first book in my Shadow Keepers series--the first book I've written as J.K. Beck: When Blood Calls.

I'm excited and nervous and thrilled and...well, it's cool all the way around.

You'd think release days would be old hat, after all, I've written a lot of books as Julie Kenner, but the truth is that tingle of excitement with a new book's release never goes away (at least not for me) and it's a billion-fold this go round, because this book is A First. (First as J.K, first dark paranormal romance, first set in this world.) And that means it's a bit like walking into a party you really, really want to go to, but filled with people who don't know you yet. There's that moment where you're hanging out by the fruit plate hoping those butterflies in your stomach will calm down long enough for you to get out there and mingle. And they do eventually calm down, but that doesn't erase that tickle of nervous excitement, and I think that's a good thing, actually. I don't want to lose that, because it's so reflective of what book writing is--sending a part of you, of your imagination, out into the world to share with other folks.

>At the bare minimum, Release Day is an introduction--of the author, the book, the characters, the world. And I thought that in honor of that, I'd share a few very short snippets from the two Shadow Keeper books (When Blood Calls, since it releases today, and When Pleasure Rules, since it's part of today's blog giveaway!) These scenes parallel that idea of introductions and first impressions. But of course, in romance, as in relationships, things aren't always the way they seem...

In When Blood Calls, Sara is a human prosecutor who's recent promotion to Division 6 has thrust her into a paranormal world and judicial system she never knew existed. It's fascinating, exciting, and wonderful--until she realizes that the defendant she'll be prosecuting for murder is the man she had a passionate fling with only a few nights before-- and that he has a few more secrets, too:

Sara had no time to process, no time to realign her reality with this new perception of the world. Luke was a vampire. Luke was a murderer.
A vicious, cold-blooded killer. The very epitome of the evil she'd dedicated her life to putting behind bars.
There had to be some sort of mistake.
And he wasn't simply a murderer. No, he was also an in-your-face, straight-out-of-your-nightmares vampire. It was outrageous. Unbelievable.
He'd had his hands on her. He'd touched her — he'd claimed her — and surely, surely she would have known if she'd been sleeping with a killer.
She remembered, though, the strength in those powerful hands and the determination in his amber eyes. She'd seen control there along with an undercurrent of violence that had both scared and excited her. He'd practically thrummed with a potency and raw carnality that had wreaked havoc on her. She'd wanted him, yes, but he'd wanted her, too, and he was a man who took what he wanted.
He'd taken her, leading her to where he wanted her to go and then watching with unabashed rapture as she'd shattered under his touch. He was dangerous, all right.
She'd seen it, and she'd simply ignored it. In his arms, she'd felt no risk. The opposite, actually, because he'd made her feel more secure than she ever had in her life.
Clearly, she'd been a fool.

In When Pleasure Rules, Lissa is a succubus used to having men fall under her spell, and Rand is a recently turned werewolf forced by circumstances to return to Los Angeles to hopefully stem the tide of a brewing unrest between the vamps and the weren. They first meet when he comes into her club, a place that serves a particular niche in the shadow community.

Lissa didn't want to know a man who could walk away from her despite that heat. A man like that was danger. A man like that could wrest control right out of her hands.
She tapped a finger on the back of a chair, undone by a sudden desire for a cigarette, not to mention the urge to turn around and look for him.
She had a million things to do in her office, and now was as good a time as any to start them.
Determined, she turned, intending to head up the stairs. Instead, she found herself only inches from him. She gasped, breathing in the smell of him, dark and woody and utterly male. "Nice place," he said, looking only at her.
"We strive to keep the customers satisfied."
He took a step closer. "Do we?"
Her breath hitched as he tilted his head to the side, the angle enhancing the feral quality that clung to him. He was watching her like prey. Like a conquest. But she wasn't a prize to be won. Not anymore. Not ever again.
"Your guard handled that situation well."
For a moment, she didn't understand, then realized he was talking about Marco deflecting the vamp/weren scuffle. "Friends of yours?"
She lifted a brow. "So you didn't come to babysit the young pups. Maybe you're here for happy hour?"
"That depends on how happy you're going to make me."
She ignored the way his words worked on her, easing over her like warm honey, overflowing with sweet promises. Instead, she forced herself to take them at face value. He was a client and he was in her club and what he wanted was perfectly clear. They were negotiating now, and that she could handle.
With a broad gesture, she laid the club out at her fingertips. "Let me take you around. I'm sure we can find a girl that pleases you."
She took a step, but he stopped her, his hand closing over her forearm. The shock of his touch ricocheted through her, and she took a second to adjust her expression before she turned back to him.
"I'm already pleased." Once again, his eyes took her in. This time, though, they traveled slowly, his inspection as intimate as a caress. The hot gaze moved over her breasts, then slowly, so slowly, down to her thighs.
Lissa forced her voice to stay steady, determined to keep a businesslike demeanor. "I'm flattered, but I'm the owner."
"I have a very limited clientele."
He wasn't making it easy. For that matter, she wasn't making it easy. Her thighs tingled in anticipation of something that was not going to happen, and she felt a bead of sweat drip down the back of her neck. She reached up to wipe it away, her fingers brushing over the quarter-sized scar just beneath her hairline, a reminder that in Orlando's, she was the one in charge.
She straightened her shoulders. "We have policies, Mr. ...?"
"Rand. Vincent Rand. And policies can change. It's your club. That's a perk of being the boss. You can do what you want."
He had a point. But no. Absolutely no. And not because it was bad precedent, and not because she had another client engagement lined up; she didn't.
No, she was turning him down because of the way he made her feel. Just being near him was like approaching a charged fence, as if her body could sense the hum of power even before she touched it. He was as dangerous as that fence, too. Touch him, and she wouldn't be able to let go. Grab on to him, and his heat would burn her straight through.
This was lust, plain and simple, and that wasn't acceptable. So what if he looked at her with heat in his eyes? What man didn't? Of course he wanted her—her nature, her very raison d'etre was to be an object of desire for males. But that didn't mean she had to fulfill those desires, not when another one of her girls would serve that purpose just fine.
"I am doing what I want, Mr. Rand," she said firmly. "Let's go find you another woman."
Surprise crossed his features, and she felt the thrill of a minor victory. Apparently he was a man used to getting what he asked for.
"I want you," he said, and she fought an unexpected rush of pleasure.
"And if I don't want you?"
He pressed a hand to his chest. "I think that would break my heart."
With her most seductive smile playing on her lips, she leaned forward and caressed his cheek. "I guess you'll have to learn to live with disappointment."


I hope you enjoyed the excerpts! And please check out the books. You can find them at any of your favorite booksellers. And me? You can find me at www.jkbeck.com or www.theshadowkeepers.com (where you can read more excerpts, join the mailing list, request swag, and find out about contests). And please check out my book trailer! You'll find it at http://jkbeck.com/the-shadow-keepers/fun-stuff/jkvideo/


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Abhishek Duggal said...

The interim period between when I answered a question at a seminar and was selected a winner for a pair of great seats to the Aerosmith concert.

forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

Linda Henderson said...

I've never been great with public speaking so when I had to stand up in front of a whole gym full of people and talk I thought I was going to throw up. I got through it, but I still am not fond of public speaking.

seriousreader at live dot com

Beverly said...

Butterflies - every year when I have to stand up in front of the auditorium and give a speech and hand out awards. I HATE public speaking!
Thanks for hosting - please enter me - I am a follower.


Simply Stacie said...

Rollercoasters! They scare me.

simplystacieblog at gmail dot com

Steph from fangswandsandfairydust.com said...

The kiss scene in Twilight gives me butterflies that make me feel 14 again. Every single time.

Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

Julie S said...

Our wedding day was full of butterflies. Such an expensive and planned out event can really be nerve wrecking.


Mysteriousrose said...

Everytime I get a book I have been waiting for then I get butterflies but also every christmas I love christmas:-)

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Forceofstars/status/22614850404

Facebook: http://bit.ly/9x49LM


Anonymous said...

Love the comments...butterflies good and bad!

As for rollercoasters, I have a love-hate relationship....

Ina said...

the last time I had butterflies in the stomach was the moment my niece was a few months old and she took my finger in her hand and grinned at me *sigh*

inale87 at gmx dot at

Unknown said...

I got butterflies in my stomach or a first date or if I have to speak in front of people. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read your books. Tore923@aol.com

Stephanie said...

Anything that has to do with public speaking.


SiNn said...

well i have a few times

when my fiancee aske dme to marry him

the day our son told me he loved me ( he sadopted)

any thrill ride automaticly gives me butterflies

kalynnick said...

Giving speech or presentation give my butterflies in my stomach.

Cathy M said...

I had giant, kitten size butterflies the birthday that my sister's surprised me with a tandem parachute jump. Oh really, they shouldn't have!! I would have been happy with a measly massage or a book gc, lol. It was so terrifying that I would have never done it without being strapped on to someone who wouldn't get me killed.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

a follower

Barbara E. said...

I get butterflies in my stomach before going on a job interview (I have one tomorrow). Also, just before the drop on a fabulous roller coaster, I always get butterflies and that thrill of fear, and then we swoop down and I start screaming my head off with delight.
I'm looking forward to this new series, and can't wait to read the Shadow Keepers books.

Victoria said...

I got butterflies when I went in to have my kids. C-sections are unnerving!

Rosie said...

Hi Julie, good to see you here. I've been a reader of yours for years!!! Most recently, my butterflies came on my son's first day of school. I think I'm more nervous than him any more. LOL.

rosie0512 @ hotmail . com

Jen B said...

So I get butterflies a lot i guess lol! Job interview, new job, when the phone rings and I seethe number from Iraq and know its my husband calling me...those are good butterflies...and then when Ex calls and those are the bad dripping with anxiety butterflies....so lots of things do that to me! LOL

slb3334 said...

when starting a new job.

Anonymous said...

Ina, oh! Yes! I love those moments....

SiNn--me, too. My youngest is adopted, and I remember that first "I love you" so well!

Cathy -- OMG, a parachute jump! That would freak me out!

Thanks Barbara!!

Thanks everyone!

Karen said...

Sky Diving :) Woo Hoo !!

ktgonyea at gmail.com

Ladytink_534 said...

Meeting my husband's family for the first time. Oh and getting married. I shook the entire time!


Persephone said...

I have had so many occasions where I get butterflies that I actually have started anticipating the feeling of getting nervous. I think the thing that gets me the most nervous is being put on the spot, I am not a person of many words, so public speaking and group discussions are extremely hard for me to do.


patronus89013 at yahoo dot com

jellybelly82158 said...

I get butterflies everytime I have to go back to the othorpedic surgeron. It really bothers me to go.

Shared on Twitter -http://twitter.com/jellybelly82158/status/22671134716

Shared on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000594583971

jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com

Beyond The Night Reviews said...

One of the major times that I have gotten butterflies in the stomach was when I sang on stag with Grammy winner Linda Davis who sang with Reba McEntire

beyondjenna at yahoo dot com

JenM said...

I scuba dive and even though I love it, I never fail to get that nervous feeling in my stomach right before we backroll off the boat and into the water.

Best of luck with your books. I loved the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom books.

jen at delux dot com

Anonymous said...

Oh geez... I've gotten butterflies tons of times :).

Before a big test, before a date, waiting to hear the results back from a contest ;)... the love scenes in romance novels


Pam S
pams00 @ aol.com

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Any and every single time I have to address a crowd of people I get butterflies.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

SandyG265 said...

I always get butterflies when I have to go down to my boss's office
sgiden AT verizon.net

Laurie T said...

Having to speak in public, no matter the size of the group, always gets those butterflies in a frenzy. Forget it when I was in school and had to sing a solo--I thought I'd pass out from the nervous flutterings.


bac1 said...

i have perpetual butterfiles in the stomach its stressful but im working on it

emmad said...

Prior to a race when we were racing my racehorse (now broken down and living the good life in our back paddock). Always got butterflys and felt very nervous.

wanda f said...

Hmm the most memorable case of the butterflys for me was my wedding day not the whole thing just when we were standing in front of the minister and our families and I had them bad wanted to laugh, cry and maybe run for the door (just kidding about running) lol

buddyt said...

I have had butterflies a lot as has everyone. First date, Speaking in public, wedding day etc.

The most recent was sitting in a small aircraft just before doing my first static line parachute jump.

I have since jumped another 6 times but still get those darn butterflies !

I am a Follower.


Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Unknown said...

The first day of school has always given me butterflies

Llehn said...

When I'm waiting to know something important like if I passed an exam.

Curling up by the Fire said...

I get them all the time as I tend to be more of an anxious person. I now get them whenever my children do something or go on something that could hurt them, and as a mom I know I have to let them experience things, but it's oh so difficult.

icewoman96 at gmail dot com

Audra said...

I get butterflies when I have a new Job or when I have to Speak in front of my bosses.

Kim (Randominities) said...

Hmm, butterflies in the stomach? Well, when I felt my daughter for the first time it felt like a butterfly fluttering inside.

Also when I'm excited about something. Yesterday found out Dh is having a job interview this week and the butterflies came!

saturdaynightfever said...

Driving through Oklahoma on an icy day!


Unknown said...

I got butterflies the day I went to pick my husband up from the airport after being away from him for six months.

twinmomoftwins said...

Last time I went to great america some of the rides gave me butterflies inmy stomach
ortizvelasquez at yahoo dot com

Louis H said...

when I was waiting in line for my very first roller coaster ride

Louis H said...

here is my tweet

Louis H said...


Unknown said...

I get butterflies before my job interviews. garrettsambo@aol.com

clynsg said...

Multiple times for butterflies--whenever I started a new job (which wasn't too often, thank goodness), when I was required to speak to groups (especially when they were not people I knew fairly well)--and that is just a couple of examples!

cgclynsg0 at gmail dot com

/\Heather/\ said...

Three times:
- First kiss (long past)
- When someone tells me my position or opinion is stupid, and I'm ratcheting up my defense (must be the confrontation part)
- Right before I start a race

Susan said...

I am always scared of talking in front of a crowd. suelee1998 @gmail.com

latishajean said...

I can not talk in front of alot of people never could even when I went to school always been very shy!