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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

140) Uninvited by Justine Musk

The Blurb - Kelly Ruland's world fell apart when her brother Jasper walked away the sole survivor of a car accident...and kept walking right out of town. She doesn't want to believe that Jasper was at fault - but then why did he run away? How could he abandon Kelly and her parents? Now, former star student and athlete Kelly struggles to care about anything anymore, sleepwalking through school and experimenting with dangerous behavior as she tries to fill the void inside her.

Then one night, Jaspers returns...but he's not alone. Someone has followed him home. Someone who hides in the space behind the truth, who hovers in the shadows between the known and the unknown. His name is Archie, and he is the stranger they never asked to know, the guest they never invited . And he's about to challenge Kelly and Jasper to a game that demands a price they may not be willing to pay...

My Thoughts -

I am desperately trying to read some of my older 'To Be Read' books and this one has been on my shelf gathering dust for 2 years. It was high time to sit down and show this book the light of day and see if it was worth me keeping a hold of for so long.

Uninvited started off quite easy going, a little depressing but definitely intriguing. Then things got a little weird and a little too teenager for me but I kept going because I really wanted to know where the story was leading me. As it turned out there was quite a nice twist in the tale and I was left a little surprised at how things worked out. The ending was very rewarding.

However there wasn't anything happy about this book. I wonder what Young Readers are left thinking after a story filled with people their age doing stupid things. Also they never seemed to be having any fun. As I mentioned before, this was a depressing book and even though I admire the plot, it isn't a book I would recommend to anyone's children.

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