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Friday, November 5, 2010

147) Killer Cuts by Elaine Viets

The Blurb -

Helen Hawthorne's latest dead-end job is in Miguel Angel's Fort Lauderdale hair salon, where a trim can cost as much as a car payment and a blowout can wipe you out. But when one of the salon's most famous clients, gossip blogger and cable-TV show host Kingman "King" Oden is murdered at his own wedding, things get a little hairy and King becomes the prime suspect. To save her boss-and her job- Helen is determined to find the murderer. When she finds herself the target of threatening notes, it's more imperative than ever that she figure out who at the wedding was dressed to kill.

My Thoughts -

Still loving this series. Every time I need a break from the Paranormal I know where to go. There is always a great cozy mystery waiting for me in the Dead-End Job series and I enjoyed this book as much as the previous ones.

It was nice to finally meet Helen's family in this book. I was expecting a happy ending though and was a little upset that things didn't work out as planned. However Helen always manages to get herself into bad situations so I guess in the end it was fitting.

Looking forward to the next book. I am sure I will be reading it really soon because I have to know what happens next. Helen has become a good friend and I respect her a lot. I also enjoy catching up with the other regular characters and who is living in 2C! Well worth reading if you like cozy mystery's!

1 comment:

Aurian said...

I love cozy mysteries, haven't read this series yet, though I have some of the books waiting for me. I often read them when tired, and want some easy reading material, with trusted characters.