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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rage By Jackie Morse Kessler (Full Review)

The Blurb -

Missy didn’t mean to cut so deep. But after the party where she was humiliated in front of practically everyone in school, who could blame her for wanting some comfort? Sure, most people don’t find comfort in the touch of a razor blade, but Missy always was . . . different.

That’s why she was chosen to become one of the Four Horsemen Apocalypse: War. Now Missy wields a different kind of blade—a big, brutal sword that can cut down anyone and anything in her path. But it’s with this weapon in her hand that Missy learns something that could help her triumph over her own pain: control.

A unique approach to the topic of self-mutilation, Rage is the story of a young woman who discovers her own power, and refuses to be defeated by the world.

My Review -

I read this back in October and the book is due for release soon. So here is my review.


When I read Hunger I was blown away by the book and its real life theme mixed with fantasy. Eating disorders leading to being one of the Four Horsemen sounds like a stupid story but it is actually a brilliant eye opener and an incredible tale. It was great to finally read something realistic, something that dealt with more than some silly girl meets boy love story. Something different to Twilight and all its perfect endings.

Now in Rage the story centers around cutting and War. The second of the four Horsemen is self harming herself and while nobody would actually understand why, she has her reasons, however small and trivial they may seem. Yet again the author takes a teenage problem and brings it out into the open. She mixes it with fantasy but doesn't mock it or make it look cool. Rage is honest, emotional and raw. It is a book every teenager could learn from and a story that could help many.

Another bravo to the author for writing such a great piece of work. I only hope that the next books in the series are just as amazing and fantastic as Hunger and Rage. I wait patiently and look forward to what comes. If you haven't had a chance to try these books then make sure you don't miss these memorable stories. Young or old, everyone will find something special inside these books.

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