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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Paula Brackston in the USA!

I met author Paula Brackston totally by chance. I was home in the UK doing some book shopping when I came across her signing books in the local Borders. Her novel 'Book of Shadows' sounded like something I would enjoy and I decided to take the opportunity of getting a signed copy. It isn't everyday I get to meet an author!

To say I loved 'Book of Shadows' is an understatement and I can only highly recommend the book. Until now the book was hard to get in the US but Paula wrote to me this week to let me know that 'Book of Shadows' is now available in the US with a new title and cover! 'The Witch's Daughter' is an apt new title and I hope you will all go add it to your wishlists or even your shopping baskets!

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1 comment:

Mardel said...

I'm liking the cover - love those boots. And they're not the typical black lace up either. I'll be on the lookout for Witch's Daughter.