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Friday, June 17, 2011

82) Hexes & Hemlines by Juliet Blackwell

The Blurb :

Lily gets called away from her vintage clothing store to give police a witch's take on how the leader of a rationalist society could be murdered, surrounded by superstitions he discredited.

Evidence points to dark witchcraft. Lily's determined to use magic of her own to find the murderer, before everyone's luck runs out.

My Review :

Hexes and Hemlines is Witchcraft Mystery #3 and I am seriously in love with this series. The plot this time around was really interesting and spooky. Everyone seems to believe in some kind of superstitions and I learnt about a few new ones while reading this cozy mystery.

I have been reading this series since it started but Hexes and Hemlines is my favourite in the series so far. This newest edition was stronger than the previous two books and also went into more depth magic wise. The author goes into great detail when it comes to the witchy parts of the story and makes everything sound so real. Her explanations are not boring but obviously carefully researched. If only I could get hold of some of the ingredients!

Lots of little elements, such as Lily's familiar, adds a certain humour to this series and makes reading the books just that little bit more fun. Lily is a superb leading lady and someone I would love to be friends with. She has quite an exciting life and has somehow managed to get involved with quite a few guys. While nothing romantic seems to evolving from any of them it is quite amusing to see how she deals with them all.

Shirley Damsgaard fans will adore this series and definitely need to give it a try. This is one worth reading if you love the paranormal and/or cozy mysteries. Although if you aren't a witch fan then stay away. This is spell filled goodness and magic all the way through!

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Aurian said...

Wow Amber, now you make me really curious about this new book! Has it released yet?

Amberkatze said...

It came out on the 7th of June.