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Thursday, June 30, 2011

88) Sleeping With Anemone by Kate Collins

The Blurb :

Maybe Abby Knight shouldn't have chosen a home and garden show sponsored by Uniworld Food as the venue for her protest against the corporation's harmful farming practices. But being bodily removed from the event won't stop her campaign. Nor will a burning brick thrown through her flower shop's window.

After she narrowly escapes being kidnapped three times, Abby calls in the big guns-her ex-Ranger boyfriend Marco and her friends and family. And then the stakes are raised by murder...

My Thoughts :

As any regular reader of Amberkatze's Book Blog knows, I like a good cozy mystery now and again. So this 9th Flower Shop Mystery has been on my shelf for a long time. Actually I haven't visited this series for a while now and when I was looking for a book to carry around this week I decided to go see what Abby Knight was getting up to.

It was great to visit this series again. I had no problems getting back into it and I enjoyed it a lot. The plot, as always, was well written and I got caught up in things pretty quickly and found myself sneaking in a few pages whenever I could. It was really fun to read about Abby's relationship changes with Marco and the ending make me smile.

Now I hope it won't take me as long to get to the next book in the series. It is sitting on my shelf as well and I will make sure it doesn't gather much more dust. A good cozy is always a nice read inbetween the vamps and weres. This is one series I seriously like and book ten is going to be added to my bag soon!

1 comment:

Aurian said...

This series is already high on my cozy wishlist, and you liking it as well, sure doesn't hurt. At the moment I first need to read my last Leann Sweeney (very, very good!) and a stack of Robin Paige (historical cozy's) before I am allowing myself to start a new series.