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Saturday, July 23, 2011

101) Mayhem by Artist Arthur

The Blurb :

A lot can change in a few months. Jake Palmer is living proof of that. In a short time, the once-shy loner has discovered his incredible supernatural abilities and forged a tight bond with his fellow Mystyx. What’s more—he’s fallen for his best friend, Krystal. And fallen hard.

Still, some things remain the same—like the jocks who keep bullying him. Even though they have no idea how powerful Jake has become. And while he tries to follow Krystal’s advice, he may not be able to keep his cool much longer. But there are bigger problems ahead, because the darkness that’s been hovering nearby is about to descend on the town of Lincoln, Connecticut. And when it does, the Mystyx will learn who to trust, who to fear and just how much is at stake

My Review :

I have been following the Mystyx series since the beginning and I have to say it is starting to be quite a ride! This 3rd book in the series is told from Jake's point of view and goes into more details about his powers, family history and where he fits into everything in general. The previous two books have been from the female point of view so I was wondering how things would go from the male perspective.

This book deals with a lot of emotions and Jake has to deal with some hard situations. Being bullied, a death of a relative and falling in love all takes its toll on the young boy and it is no surprise that the 'enemy' decides to try and pull him over onto their side. The tug of war Jake goes through during this book is honest and I wanted to him as much as possible. He really found a place in my heart and I loved this book because of it.

What I really like about this series is the unique new concept. Original but still familiar the Mystyx series deals with areas we are all used to reading about like special supernatural powers. However the author has mixed things up a little and given it all a nice twist and made her mark. Also what I find interesting about this series is the change of character perspective in every book. I have to admit that I don't usually like it when series do this but I love getting to know these new characters, their stories and exploring the powers they possess.

With more depth and intensity than the previous books this is a series that is growing into something bigger and even better as it progresses. I can't begin to imagine what will happen next and how things will end. Until that day comes I am content in wondering which character will take the reins in book #4. Mystyx is worth checking out and definitely one to give to that Young reader in your life.

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Aurian said...

What a great review Amber! I was not sure after your reviews of the previous book, but you have pulled me over the line with this one. On my wishlist they are!