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Saturday, July 9, 2011

93) Blood Secrets by Jeannie Holmes

The Blurb :

Alex allowed a case involving murdered vamps to get personal and is suspended from the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigation. Now she’s facing an official inquiry but has a chance to redeem herself. The catch: She must once again work with Varik Baudelaire, her former mentor and ex-fiancĂ©, as he spearheads a search for a missing college student. But Varik has been keeping secrets from Alex, and his mysterious past is on a collision course with his present.

When Alex and Varik discover a carefully handcrafted doll at a crime scene, neither of them can see how close the danger really is or that a killer known as the Dollmaker has made Alex the object of his horrific desire. Now the only way out of the Dollmaker’s lair is through the twilight realm of the Shadowlands, where all secrets—for better or worse—will be revealed.

My Review :

Blood Secrets is Jeannie Holmes second book about Alex Sabian and the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigation. The first book, Blood Law, was one of my favourite reads in 2010 and I have been eagerly awaiting this second part. Now I am not sure if Blood Secrets will make it into my best reads of 2011 but it is definitely going to be a strong runner-up. As a sequel it is top notch but sometimes I got the impression that it was trying too hard to beat the debut.

All in all Blood Secrets is an amazing read. If you have ever read and enjoyed any Crime Mystery/Thrillers like Tess Gerritsen then you will absolutely love this series. The plot can be brutal and a little stomach turning at times but it helps keep the story on the right track. After all a novel about hunting a serial killer that doesn't include any blood or brutality would be pretty boring.

Some people may get put off by the change of POV in this series but to be honest I find it very refreshing. Listening to the same character all the way through a book can get a little old and this series started that way and I hope it will continue along that route. It is nice to see what the other characters are thinking and what they are up to. This is going to be especially helpful in book three after Alex's ordeal in this second book. I don't want to give anything away but I am pretty sure I will need the help of the other characters to remember what happened and when.

The continuation of Alex's and Varik's relationship problems was sometimes interesting but it was also a little boring at times. The author has ended this book with a nice twist to things regarding these two characters but I hope it doesn't draw out too much. Alex's abilities to go to the spiritual realm is something I am not too sure about. It worked for the plot in this second book but it seems to be too much. Although the meetings with her father and that particular story arc has really captured my interest in this series.

Deep and dark this is a great Paranormal Urban Fantasy that will appeal to lovers of Jennifer Estep, Yasmine Galenorn and Jaye Wells. The series is staying on my must read list and I can't wait to see what happens in Book three. If Blood Secrets sounds good but you haven't read Blood Law yet then make sure you start at the beginning. This isn't a series you can just pick up and start anywhere.

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Victoria said...

This sounds really good but I better get a hold of Blood Law first, right? Thanks for the contest.

Aurian said...

Hmm sounds like a great series, I'll be sure to put it on my wishlist. I do like romantic suspense every now and then. Have not yet read any paranormal romantic suspense as such I believe.