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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Author Interview & Contest with Christina Henry!!!

My Guest this week is author Christina Henry! Her debut novel Black Wings was an amazing read and the second part in the series, Black Night, is already out! My pre-order arrived on my Kindle already ;)

So get to know Christina in the interview below and then enter this weeks contest and maybe you will win a copy of the new release, Black Night!


Amber - Welcome to Amberkatze's Book Blog! It is great to have you here as a guest! Could you start things off by telling us a little about your new release Black Night?

Christina - Well, things are not going great for Maddy. Lucifer is manipulating her into a diplomatic mission to the faerie court, and her oh-so-annoying unwanted fiancé Nathaniel is coming along. Unfortunately, the last ambassador was beheaded in front of the entire court for a breach of etiquette and as we know, Maddy has a lot of trouble keeping her mouth shut, especially when she ought to!

Amber - Black Night is the second book in the Black Wings Series. What can we expect from the new installment and what do we have to watch out for?

Christina – I think there is a lot more action and adventure in this book. I really wanted to write a book that reflected the things that I enjoy in urban fantasy. The pace is pretty much nonstop, but I had so much fun writing it that way.

Amber - If your books were going to be made into a film or TV series, who could you see playing the lead roles?

Christina – I have always pictured Michael Fassbender as Gabriel. He’s probably the only character who looks like a real person in my head. When I first heard Gabriel’s voice it was Michael Fassbender’s voice.

I have a lot of trouble seeing any particular actress as Maddy, mostly because Maddy is a little bit overweight and every actress seems to be super-skinny!

I’d like Richard Armitage as J.B. He’s so good at walking that line between good and bad onscreen.

Amber - Will there be more books in the series? Are you working on anything else?

Christina – Right now there will be six books in the series. If it seems like there is more story to tell after six then there may be more.

Amber - Is there a paranormal creature you just don't like, and would never use in your books?

Christina – I like reading other author’s stories about vampires but I don’t feel that I have a lot to add in that direction, so I don’t really see vampires becoming a big part of Maddy’s world.

Amber - What paranormal creatures are you dying to fit into a story but you haven't managed to fit in yet?

Christina – I have some ideas that include other paranormal creatures, but since I don’t want Maddy’s world to get too crowded I will probably confine them to short stories for now.

Amber - A lot of authors are writing now in both adult and YA genres. Have you considered writing a YA book?

Christina – I think it takes real skill to write a great YA novel and I don’t think that I have that skill. I love to read so many YA authors and I’m just in awe of how they can make a book accessible to kids and adults.

Amber - What have you been reading and watching lately?

Christina – I don’t watch a ton of TV but I did watch “Game of Thrones” on HBO and loved it. It’s the first time I’ve actually committed to watching a TV show every week since “Deadwood” got cancelled (still annoyed about that…grrrr).

I just finished reading Janet Evanovich’s “Smokin’ Seventeen” and now I’m reading a book called “The Male Brain” by Louann Brizendine. I like to switch back and forth between fiction and nonfiction.

Amber - What's your favorite paranormal movie of all time?

Christina – “Night of the Living Dead”, with “The Host” and “The Frighteners” coming in at a close second and third.

Amber - And to finish, If you could be any famous person, alive or dead, who would you be? and why?

Christina – I always think that famous people’s lives are probably not as great as they look from a distance, so I think I’ll just stick to being me :)

Amber - Thanks for visiting Amberkatze's Book Blog again!

Christin - Thanks so much for having me!


Contest Time!

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clynsg said...

I just finished Tempting the Beast by Lora Leigh, which had WAY too much graphic sex, which wasn't a real surprise because the publisher does mainly 'erotic' fiction. The story line was good though, and I will probably keep going with the series, skipping over the several pages. Authors need to realize that since they all seem to attend the same workshops on how to write sex scenes, many of them become repetitive. In fact, if you read several books by the same author, you can tell that they basically use a template for some pages!

cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

Victoria said...

I'm currently reading the final installment of Keri Arthur's Riley Jenson series MOON SWORN. I'm kind of sad to be finishing the series but I have so much more to read :). Sure hope Riley gets a happy ending.
Thanks for the interview and contest.


Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

I'm within 50 pages of finishing "Falling Under" then I starting the "Hunger Games" trilogy. Yea, yea, I know, I'm probably the ONLY person who hasn't already read it.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Barbara E. said...

I'm reading Kevin Hearne's Hexed, the second in the Iron Druid series and it's fantastic. It's very hard to put down so I'll probably finish it today. Then it's on to the third book, Hammered.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Crystal said...

I'm reading Hounded by Kevin Hearne and I love it. I've also got Ghost Story by Jim Butcher in reserve. It's a "savor the wonderful books" day (i.e. it's raining and my husband and son are watching NASCAR). Side note (not butt-kissing), but I read Black Wings and greatly enjoyed it.

Bethany C. said...

I'm currently reading Vicki Pettersson's The Neon Graveyard. So sad this series is ending; it is definitely one of the best ever.


Tynga said...

well I'm in between books right now, just finished Supernaturally by Kersten White and I'm about to start Bloodlands by CHristine Cody

Thanks for the opportunity!

Vickie said...

BOCD in the car: THE MAGICIANS - Lev Grossman, fantasy, CD 8 of 14

Purse book: EVIL WAYS: A Morris and Chastain Investigaion #2 - Justin Gustainis, UF, halfway through

Bedside book: MARK OF THE LION: Jade del Cameron Book One - Suzanne Arruda, mystery series set in 1919

I have BLACK WINGS up next on the nightstand. Got it this past week.

donnas said...

I am about 1/2 way though Jinn Nation, which I am really enjoying.

tweet - http://twitter.com/#!/DonnaS1/status/97911780273172480

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Becks727 said...

I am just starting the Dresden Files Series by Jim Butcher - merging my love of crime fiction with my love of fantasy.

Andra Lyn said...

I'm about halfway through Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series! I can't believe I waited this long to read them. Black Wing sounds fabulous! I like that Maddy is a little overweight if that isn't weird lol

andralynn7@gmail DOT com

Unknown said...

I am about ready to read Almost a Witch. I can't wait. It sounds very good. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com

SandyG265 said...

I just finished a mystery - Finger Lickin Dead.

sgiden at verizon.net

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

I finished Grave Witch by Kalayna Price on Friday and started reading Sirensong by Jenna Black over the weekend and am still reading it! Totally loved Black Wings!! Can't wait to read more!

GFC Follower
Advertiser in blog roll


Julie S said...

I'm currently reading Rhiannon Frater's The First Days.

myrandaroyann said...

I am currently reading Jeri Smith-Ready's WVMP Radio series. It's awesome! I've been really wanting to read Black Wings so this is a great contest for me. :)

I am a blog follower.


Ironstrangeprompts said...

I just finished reading The Eugenics Wars Vol I: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh and am starting the second Volume.


ang said...

Just started Matched by Ally Condie.

AEKZ2 said...

I'm almost done reading Three Days to Dead.


Stephanie said...

I'm going through the whole Harry Pottter series. I just started the Order of the Phoenix.


Amy said...

I'm currently reading The MacGregors: Daniel and Ian by Nora Roberts.

Unknown said...

I've just started The Lady of the Storm by Kennedy. I've just started it, but so far it is good.

Dawn M. said...

I'm reading Matched by Ally Condie and City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

Thanks! :0)
librarygrinch at gmail dot com

Aurian said...

I am not eligible for this contest sadly, but I did like reading the interview. Looking forward to reading the books as well.

Daelith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daelith said...

I'm currently reading Hunting Fear by Kay Hooper. Next in line will be My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding.

Thank you for the interview and giveaway.

cheleooc at yahoo dot com

Also added your headline animator link to my blog.

Anonymous said...

I just finished Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu. I'm fast becoming addicted to this series, it's a fast-paced urban fantasy romance with stunning sensuality that doesn't sacrifice character development or plot.

Anonymous said...

ack I forgot my contact info!

wanda f said...

Im reading Michelle Bardsley's Dont Talk Back To Your Vampire .I am loving her Broken Heart Series .


heatwave16 said...

I am currently reading Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison.



Becky said...

I have just started to read Heart of the Highland Wolf by Terry Spear.

Gail said...

I'm reading Psyche's Gate by Danielle D Smith. I also deviated my usual reading material to read, American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson. Craig's book is a look into his life to date in a humorous way. Danielle D Smith is a fairly new author for me and I love her take on angels, demons, and unlikely love.
Up next is Kelley Armstrong's Spell Bound and Jaded by Anya Bast.

Thanks for the chance to win:-)
Have a good weekend.


Unknown said...

I'm currently reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and I have to say it is super awesome!!! Really creepy and wonderful indeed! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!!!


whitewolfreads said...

I'm currently reading Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/whitewolfreads/status/100141633080799232

Thanks for the giveaway!