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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Author Interview & Contest with Kelly Gay

The Hour of Dust and Ashes is book 3 in the Charlie Madigan Series and it released yesterday! Any fans of the series will be happy to see the series continue and I can't wait to get a copy to curl up with!

Kelly Gay is the author behind the series and I couldn't resist inviting her onto the blog to celebrate the release of The Hour of Dust and Ashes!

So I hope you all enjoy the interview and check out Kelly's books!


Amber - Welcome back to Amberkatze's Book Blog! It is great to have you here again as a guest! The Hour of Dust & Ashes is due out! What can we expect from your third Charlie Madigan book?

Kelly - Thanks, Amber. Glad to be back! There’s a lot happening in the 3rd Charlie Madigan book. This one focuses on Charlie trying to help her sister Bryn overcome her ash addiction and possible possession. For the Hank lovers out there, the mystery of his past comes to light, and we’ll also see more of Rex, daughter Emma, and the hellhound, Brimstone. This book was different than the other two in that I got to take Charlie and Co. off-world into another dimension, the place that inspired our myths and ideas of hell. Good times!

Amber - I am pretty sure you have lots of ideas for the series but how do you decide which idea makes it into each book?

Kelly - I had a very good idea of where the story should go when I sat down to write the 2nd book, THE DARKEST EDGE OF DAWN. But I soon encountered a problem: what I thought should happen, wasn't exactly fitting in with the story that wanted to be told and the events that progressed as I wrote. I've since learned to just let things unfold and not chain myself to any story points I might have had to start with. Sometimes those story points fit in seamlessly and sometimes they don’t. But now I don’t force the issue and the decisions are made as I go along.

Amber - What paranormal creatures are you dying to fit into a story but you haven't managed to fit in yet?

Kelly - Two creatures that I've been very interested in writing about actually made their way into this 3rd installment of the series, so I can't spill the beans on them just yet. :)

Amber - And what about ones you would never use?

Kelly - Hmm... I don't think there's any creature I would nix right off the bat. If it fit into my story or future stories in some way, and I felt it was necessary to be there, I'd include it even if I didn't personally like the creature.

Amber - You have had some real luck with your covers. Do you like them as well? Would you have changed something about them?

Kelly - I know, right? I love them! I've been extremely lucky and happy with the covers. I really wouldn't change a single thing. I think they convey Charlie’s strength and purpose so perfectly and the images really give a sense of urgency and motion.

Amber - What about the titles? Yours or does someone else decide?

Kelly - The first one was mine. The second, I'd submitted The Dark Edge of Dawn, which ended up being changed a little (Dark to Darkest). The Hour of Dust & Ashes came about from a phone call with my editor. I had submitted a ton of possible titles and was honestly getting frustrated because nothing was hitting the mark with me or with him. I think he sensed that, so he called me up, and we just started throwing out words and phrases based on key things in the book and playing off the titles I'd already submitted. My editor is so great at mixing and matching words, and getting me to think. I had Dust & Ashes at one point paired with something else, but when he threw out 'The Hour of' and then paired it up, it was instant - Yes! That's it! Crisis averted, LOL.

Amber - Will there be more books in the series?

Kelly - There's one more left in my contract, so there will be four at the very least. After that I'm not really sure. I think there’s so much more to tell with Charlie, and there are a few other characters in my world that I’d love to write about: Pendaran, the Druid King. Ahkneri, the First One. I definitely hope Pocket wants more! We’ll see…

Amber - I couldn't help but notice that you have branched out into the YA genre. Can you tell us a little about that?

Kelly - Sure. I'm writing YA novels as Kelly Keaton. They're urban fantasy with a little southern gothic, post-apocalyptic, and paranormal romance thrown in. My world is a slightly futuristic New Orleans that is now a privately owned city-state run by the Novem, nine of the oldest and strangest families in NOLA. It's a sanctuary for all things supernatural, and where my heroine Ari, learns that she has a very unique past connected to the gods, many of whom are enemies to the Novem. The first book DARKNESS BECOMES HER is out now, and the second A BEAUTIFUL EVIL will release in Feb of 2012.

Amber - What is next? Are you working on any other projects you would like to tell us about?

Kelly - Right now, I’m working on the 4th Charlie book, which is due in November. My 2nd YA comes out in February, and I have a new project currently with my agent that we’re thinking of submitting as well. Staying busy as usual!

Amber - Are you a full time writer or do you have a day job? If yes, How do you divide your time?

Kelly – I write full-time now. It’s definitely become a full-time job, juggling two different names, writing both series, and other projects I want to do, and all the promotion, networking, business related issues, etc.

Amber - I am a happy Kindle owner and was wondering if you own an ereader yourself and how you see ebooks? Good, bad or just plain evil?

Kelly - I just read my first ebook on my new iPad. So I’m a newbie! I generally think ebooks are a great tool to reach readers. Instant gratification. Of course, one of the things I don’t like about ebooks is how easy it is for people to pirate them. I think so many people just don’t understand the difference between sharing the one copy they bought and uploading more copies to the internet.

They think since they bought the book, it’s theirs and that they can share with anyone they want. Which is true in regards to that one copy they bought, but they don’t realize the problem comes when they upload a copy to the internet. They have just illegally reproduced copyrighted material. They still have their legal copy (they didn’t ‘share’ that one), but they’ve made a second copy (and from that thousands more are made) and not only that, but they have placed a zero value on it as well. I wish ebooks came with a very easy to understand page in the front of the book explaining (in non-legal jargon) what it means to ‘fileshare’ work that is copyrighted…

Amber - What are you listening and watching lately? Read any good books recently?

Kelly - I just read Cassandra Clare's A Clockwork Angel. So good! And I just started watching the Dresden Files, which I hadn’t had a chance to see when it aired on SyFy.

Amber - What's your favorite paranormal movie of all time?

Kelly - It's too hard to pick one! But right now I will say, The Fifth Element. Awesome movie.

Amber - Thank you for being a guest again! See you soon! ;)

Kelly – You’re welcome. Thanks for having me!


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Aurian said...

I don't remember seeing anything about this author before, but the covers sure make me think kick ass heroine! Which makes it almost a must read for me. On the wishlist they go!
And yes, I do read ebooks. But still prefer a paperback.

elaing8 said...

Great interview.
I love ebooks and my ereader. But I will still always buy paperback books especially for the series I already have.but space is becoming a problem and ebooks solves that for me.


BreiaB said...

Love ebooks, but also love holding an actual book in my hand. The convienence(sp) of having many books whenever I go out makes me very happy.

StyleVamp said...

Kelly Gay has also been on book wish list!! So many books so lil time (lol)

As for ebooks, I think their good for a person who travels a lot. However for myself I prefer a book. Just my personal opinion I feel these ereaders eventually will make books obsolete and I don't want to contribute to that. There's nothing like holding a book in your hand and smelling it's newness. Simply being able to go to a book signing and having your favorite author sign your book. That just can't be replicated..But I do see the advantages of an ereader it's just not for me..

Bethany C. said...

I thought I'd hate ebooks...until I tried it for the first time. I still buy (and am the proud owner of a massive tbr pile) print books because I want to continue to support that format. What would happen to libraries? But reading an ebook is super convenient, and for some reason I find I'm able to read a book faster. Which makes a difference since I've become a mother and have so little time to read.


Vickie said...

This is one of my absolute favorite series! Strong female lead, Charlie is a single mom who has a career and a daughter she is proud of, doing the best she for all concerned.
And Hank...where would I start? Luh-huv him.

I don't have an e-reader yet, but have read books via pdf and I enjoyed that. I will likely get an e-reader, a Nook, at some point. I still have a gazillion handheld bound books on Mt Git'r'Read and where I work isn't conducive for electronic devices, and I like to have three books going at the same time: one on the nightstand, one in the mom bag and an audiobook in the car for the commute.
I also like getting books signed by the author when I can and I don't see an e-reader being good for that.
So, I reckon I'm still on the fence-ish...

Barbara E. said...

I don't have an e-reader, but I do have the Kindle app on my iMac as well as PDF copies of quite a few books. I prefer print books, but I have been reading a lot more books on my computer lately, it's just been more convenient at times. I think I'll eventually get a Kindle or other e-reader, but I'm not in any hurry just yet.
I'm really looking forward to reading The Hour of Dust and Ashes so I can find out what happens to Charlie next.

JenM said...

I'm completely an ebook convert. I'd prefer to read nothing but ebooks. However, I feel Kelly's pain regarding the piracy issue. I feel so bad for all of these poor authors who are being stolen from. I'm looking forward to reading this series. I've got the first two books, just haven't gotten around to them yet.

jen at delux dot com

debbie said...

I will read ebooks, but I have to say, I have a harder time enjoying them. I can't seem to block out distractions like I can when I have a book in my hand. To me, they will never replace books.

Sharon Stogner said...

I love my kindle. I have access to books I would never have found without it. The only downside is I miss the pretty covers. I still get some paper books though.

CrystalGB said...

I like ebooks. I have several on my reader. But, I still love to read a paperback books. Kelly's book sounds great. :)

Julie S said...

I've definitely become a fan of ebooks. My kindle can go everywhere with me and holds hundreds of books. My real bookshelves are overflowing so this really helps with space control. What I don't like though is some kindle books do not have the covers associated with them in the file.

NoraA said...

I am not a fan of the e-reader yet. Basically because I can't afford one. For now I have Kindle and Nook for PC, own half a dozen titles by good friends, and have yet to read them. I have a bad back and can't sit for long periods in front of the screen trying to read them.

Give me a good Hard Cover, Trade, or mass market paperback any day. If I fall asleep in my lounger and the book falls, I don't get a broken gadget or cracked screen. LOL

Ironstrangeprompts said...

Personally I hate e-books, but that may be because it is difficult to read them on my laptop and I don't have anything else I could read them on.


Unknown said...

I have a Kindle and I do read ebooks but I much prefer a paperback book or hardback book. It is something about holding a book that gives you more enjoyment. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. Tore923@aol.com

Gail said...

I love my Kindle, but that doesn't mean I don't buy books. In fact my husband thinks we need to re-enforce the floor where I keep all my books :-) I don't think I have nearly enough books. Just last night I was adding to my Kindle (1st gen) and found out I'm out of space and had to save to my SD card!
Personally, I think that reading is important for young & old. Books really can take you places.

Kelly Gay is a new author for me; always happy to add to my wish list:-D
Thanks for the chance to win.


Dovile said...

If i can choose, I prefer paper books, as they're easier for me to read, and I have no e-reader anyway.

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

felinewyvern said...

Like most people I prefer paperbacks but also enjoy reading e-books.

I really like the covers, they are really kickass and make me want to read the books.

Eternal Night said...

Love the Interview!!! In my opinion, I dislike ebooks. Sometimes I wonder if it will end up daminaging your eyes for someone who reads 24/7. But I like the feeling of having a real book in my hands. Smelling that new book smell or hearing the sound the book makes when you turn the page or going to your favorite auther for a book signing. Nothing compare to a real book.

wade2121 said...

I'd love to have any ereader & it's on my wishlist. I have hundreds of books that take up space and are heavy to move. But I just can't let go until I get an ereader and load the books there. ereaders are also thin and easier to carry.

wade2121(a t)gmail(d o t)com

katiz7 said...

I have Ebooks, I like them, but prefer
to have the paper copy. Ebooks are great for inbetween reading or when a book you want is out of stock and you just have to know what happens or you have book one, two, and four and are missing three. I will download the Ebook to read until I get the paper copy.

katiz7 at yahoo dot com

Amy said...

I do like ebooks, but I will always love paper books. I love flipping pages and feeling the paper. I'll read both ebooks and paper books, as long as I like the story.


Cathy M said...

I've been reading ebooks for about 5 years now. First on my computer, then on an Ebookwise Reader, and now on my Kindle. Love, love the convenience, and my Kindle goes with me whenever I leave the house.

gfc follower
caity_mack at yahoo dot com
liked you on fb as cathy macdonald

BrittanyGale said...

I own a Kindle. It's very convenient, but I just prefer reading actual books.


Starr K said...

I used to be totally against ebooks, but I have discovered some amazing authors through them. So now, I simply prefer a good story.
starr.k.griggs at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I have an ebook reader and some ebooks, but although I definitely like the idea of electronical books, I am still not comfortable with holding the reader. I still prefer paperbacks. Maybe the future brings new devices more easily to be held.

Unknown said...

I have a lot of e-books, but still get paperbacks, as well.

Audra said...

I love E-books -- but my e-reader gives me headaches--- so i still read paperbacks

lingeorge said...

I really love my Nook! Being a long, long time reader, I wasn't looking forward to doing away with the tactile feel of a book. But once I got my Nook Color up and running -- I am in love with it. My only complaint would be that my battery doesn't quite last long enough when I get one of those full days of reading. But, an electrical outlet near my reading chair takes care of that.
troublelore (at) gmail (dot) com

Unknown said...

no , to ebooks, it just to hard to sit at a desktop comp and read them

donnas said...

I prefer print. I do have an ereader and its great when traveling but at home I dont like to use it much.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Unknown said...

Before I bought my Kindle I hated ebooks. Reading them was a pain in the butt, but since then I've come a complete 180 turn around! I even prefer reading them becaiuse they are light and easy to hold, doesn't tire my wrist, I can make notes and highlights and even kook up words I don't know. Love my ereader and since then 80% of the books I read are ebooks :-)

Thank youo for the fantastic giveaway, crossing my fingers and toes because I have had Kelly's books on my wishlist for so long! :-)

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com