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Saturday, September 3, 2011

119) Shift by Elle Beauregard

The Blurb :

When Leah’s inability to control her new-found skill nearly sends her into a full blown shifter-tantrum in front of the entire high school, even she has to admit that the last week of school is no place for a new shape-shifter.

Keeping her new, unpredictable shape-shifting skills a secret is paramount, so Leah agrees to spend her summer vacation with her eccentric Aunt Cecelia, a fellow shifter who lives in the deserts outside Tubac, Arizona. Begrudgingly at first, Leah learns what it means to be a shifter, discovering that, in nature, her kind is not as rare as she first thought. While coming to terms with her new identity and learning to control her skills, she meets the son of her Aunt Cecelia’s life-long friends. But Drake King is different from other boys, and not just because he is a shifter. When cornered by a pack of wild dogs one night in the unfamiliar desert, Drake reveals an additional, extraordinary gift that saves Leah’s life.

Amidst rumors of rogue shifters who have broken their oath and revealed themselves to the public—threatening the tenuous new life Leah has just begun to love—she and Drake embark upon a journey that will redefine them as individuals and forever solidify them as a pair.

My Thoughts :

Shift has been on my Kindle for while but as more books get added the further back in the list it got pushed. So when I went to check what was on the dreaded fourth and fifth pages of my to be read Kindle books I felt quite annoyed with myself that I still hadn't read and reviewed this book. Maybe they should bring out a Kindle that sorts out your TBR pile? Hmmmm....

Anyway back to Shift! I was intrigued enough by the blurb to accept a copy of this book to read and review. The title put me off a little as I have already read at least two, if not three, books titled Shift. However as I got deeper into the book there is no other title that would have fit the story and I understood why the title was chosen. After all this book was about a young girls first shift.

Now we have all kinds of shape shifter stories/series on offer for older and younger readers. Everything from cats to wolves and then some. However I haven't, until now, really come across this kind of Shifter book. Leah can shift into other people. Can change her appearance at will. Of course this takes time to learn but it is a concept I have not read about. Just seen on TV.

So I was pleasantly surprised by this book and enjoyed the development of Leah's skills, the changes it meant for her family and friends and also how she falls in love. A lot of the time it did feel like the story was missing just a little bit of action but the ending made sure that I will be coming back for more. It looks like things could get very interesting.

A promising start to what hopefully will turn out to be a super series. Young adults will love this one but adults shouldn't be put off. There is enough inside this book for the older reader to enjoy as well and Leah is in her late teens and grows up a lot during this book. If you are looking for something different then look no further. Try a new author and get a taste of something special and unique.


genagirl said...

I think there's one about a ghost which is also called Shift. This one sounds good, I'll have to pick it up.

Aurian said...

Wow, this sure sounds different. Makes me think about the X-Men immediately.