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Monday, October 3, 2011

131) Devilishly Hot by Kathy Love

The Blurb :

And you thought your job was hell. . .

Annie Lou Riddle had a plan: Move to New York City. Break into the fashion industry. Work her way to the top. Nowhere in that scenario did she expect to accidentally sell her soul in exchange for a job at Hot! Magazine. Oops.

Demons, it seems, aren't big on letting mortals off the hook. Now Annie is stuck working as assistant/personal slave to Finola White—diva extraordinaire, and glamorous she-devil. Whatever Finola wants, she gets, and she wants Annie to match her up with Nick Rossi, the gorgeous detective investigating shady doings at Hot!

Frankly, Annie sees the appeal. Nick is effortlessly sexy, rugged, charming—and the one man Annie should definitely not be flirting with, or kissing, or. . . Oops. But some loves are too devilishly hot to resist. . .

My Review :

A long time ago I read the Young Brothers series by Kathy Love and really enjoyed them. Maybe the blurbs didn't grab me or she hasn't really been on my radar but for some reason I haven't visited the author again since. So when this book arrived in a pile to read and review I have to say I was happy to see a book by the author back in my hands even if the cover looked a little too chick-lit for my liking.

I picked up Devilishy Hot this morning and now, only some five hours later I am done with the book. I have to admit that even though this book was lovey dovey, I really enjoyed it. The book was perfect for curling up with on a Sunday and I think I wouldn't have liked it very much if I hadn't have had the time to gulp it down in one go. However having a few hours to really get into the story and get caught up in the evil antics at HOT! magazine was just what I needed to be entertained by Annie and Nick's story.

The title Devilishy Hot is apt for the book but the cover does, in my opinion, let the book down. Things do get quite hot and there are a few demons around as well as Satan himself. The concept is surely one that has been written about before but the author has managed to make it her own in small little ways. The plot was fun, light and had all the elements I expected from my memories of this authors work.

I am suprised at how much I enjoyed this book and I can't even begin to describe what genre it would fit in. There is enough paranormal element to call it a paranormal romance but it is also a little chick lit and cozy mystery in some aspects. Despite the fluffy areas and the lack of action I am actually glad I gave this one a try. Kathy Love is back on my list of authors to keep up with. Because of Devilishy Hot I am off to check which books I have missed and add some to my wishlist.

Devilishy Hot releases later this month.


Aurian said...

Nice one Amber, I have put it on my wishlist.

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing your review of this book. It sounds like a very interesting story. I will have to give this one a try.

Victoria said...

Thanks for the review. It sounds good :)