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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

133) The Edinburgh Dead by Brian Ruckley

The Blurb :

The year is 1827. For Adam Quire, an officer of the recently formed City Police, Edinburgh is a terrifying place. It is a city populated by mad alchemists and a criminal underclass prepared to treat with the darkest of powers. But nothing can prepare him for the trail of undead hounds, emptied graves, brutal murders and mob violence that will take him into the darkest corners of the underworld and to the highest reaches of elegant Edinburgh society.

My Thoughts :

There are a few reasons I wanted to read this book. The fact that it is based in the UK and written by someone who is British was a huge selling point for me. Having explored Edinburgh and loving the city I also couldn't wait to see how the author portrayed the city and the history. Lastly the supernatural element pulled me towards the Edinburgh Dead.

This book wasn't an easy quick read. It was a story to read slowly and with care because you just might miss something important. I loved the plot and the setting was perfect. The author used Edinburgh well and obviously knows the city well. The history aspect of the story was superb. I have read a bit about the city back in the 1800's and have heard a lot of stories while in Edinburgh and I admire the way the writer captured the time and the people.

With such a wonderful look into the year 1827 it was a surprise to find something supernatural nestled in the story. Especially as the story read like an Ian Rankin mystery just based in another time. Actually the main character, Quire, reminded me of Inspector Rebus on a few levels and I wonder if that was intentional.

All in all this was a great mystery with a touch of supernatural. Exciting and full of action this book is very well written. I am glad I read this one due to the history and setting alone. It was refreshing to delve into somewhere at sometime and actually feel like I had really travelled back in time with no over the top Scottish accents. This was just what it should have been and more.

Well worth taking a look at and I am pretty sure I will be curling up with more books by this author sometime in the future. Maybe Quire will even make another appearance? I would definitely read more about his adventures!


genagirl said...

Oh, this one sounds really good! I get some great recs from you - thanks!!!!

Aurian said...

I am going to skip this one, sounds very good but also a little bit too scary for me.

Vickie said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! It sounds superb. Going on the WWBL now. And likely in the shopping cart very soon.

I fell for Edinburgh when we visited in 1989 for New Year's Eve to see in 1990 on the Royal Mile or the Tron. Highly excellent time.