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Monday, November 7, 2011

141) Angel of Darkness by Cynthia Eden

The Blurb :

As an angel of death, Keenan’s job is to collect the souls on his list. He’s carried out his duty for two thousand years and never faltered once. Until he meets Nicole St. James. When the moment of death comes, Keenan hesitates, and instead of taking Nicole, Keenan touches the vampire who’s attacking her.

Cast out of heaven for disobedience, Keenan plummets to earth. Six months later, he finally manages to track Nicole to a bar in Mexico. He’s stunned to discover that the woman he remembers has undergone a dramatic change—she’s become a vampire. And when he realizes that she’s the target of all manner of enemies—other vampires, demons, even shifters—he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if all hell breaks loose…

My Review :

I know from past experience that Cynthia Eden can weave a lovely story and I couldn't wait to get my teeth into this upcoming release. Angel of Darkness is the first book in a new series called 'The Fallen' and it is quite obvious from the title what the series is going to be about. But it was a wonderful surprise when I started reading to realise that this series is still set in the supernatural world the author has created in her previous books. The Fallen is just a new chapter and an expansion of what we already know. However Angel of Darkness, like all Cynthia's paranormal books, stands alone and can be read without knowledge of the previous books.

Angel of Darkness wastes no time in getting down to things. From the first page the reader is thrown into a situation that makes your skin crawl but keeps you eager to know what happens next. Keenan reminded me of Castiel in Supernatural as he debates what to do and I have to say I was more interested in him than Nicole at first. However as things progressed I wanted to know more about Nicole, there was a little something she was keeping to herself, I thought I knew what, but it still left me wondering. Kept me reading till the end.

Without giving too much away about the plot I have to say it was a wonderful Paranormal Romance and just what I expected from the author. I have to admit that I didn't really enjoy the angel aspect of things but did find all the other supernatural elements intriguing. It was a great read and definitely worth checking out if you like the authors previous work or if you like a little Angel, good vs evil and all that jazz.

I will be checking out the next in this series because I love Cynthia's work and want to see where she takes this series next. However until then I need to catch up on a few of her other books. Doesn't matter in which order I read them though. A huge plus when reading Cynthia's books.

*** Angel of Darkness releases at the end of November***


Aurian said...

Nice review Amber, I am looking forward to start reading this author.

Diane said...

I also enjoy Cynthia's books and am looking forward to Angel of Darkness

Victoria said...

I too love Cynthia's works. Cannot wait for this angel series :).

Amber Hughes said...

Great review! This one is definitely on my TBR list and I will be ordering this very soon. I've read a couple of Cynthia's books and have a few more on my bookshelf to read. I really like her writing :)