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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5) The Laughing Corpse : Necromancer by Laurell K. Hamilton

The Blurb :

Vampire hunter Anita Blake has crossed the paths of the worst St. Louis has to offer - and now they want her out of the picture for good! But Anita isn't the type of person to go down without a fight... and she's going to make sure it hurts something fierce!

My Thoughts :

Well once you read the first part you really want to read the second part. So after finishing the 'Animator' part of this graphic novel I decided to move on to the 'Necromancer' part. I was still impressed by the artwork and story and it is clear to me that the series is much better written this way. It has more substance and meaning. It really helps the story make sense where as the books are sometimes a little hard to understand.

My only peeve here was that I was under the impression that this was the second and last part of the 'Laughing Corpse'. However it seems that this book has been split into three parts and I am now left stuck without the conclusion. This is a super graphic novel and I want to finish it but it is not something I am about to rush out and buy. They are after all a little expensive.

So the end of this story will have to wait. I remember vaguely how it ends but I do look forward to concluding this great story some other time.

1 comment:

Aurian said...

I still love and read the Anita Blake series. The graphics do absolutely nothing for me. On Twitter she told me, the next book she starts will be a Merry Gentry one again, yeah!