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Monday, February 20, 2012

26) Chaotic by Kelley Armstrong

The Blurb :

Kelley Armstrong returns to the Otherworld with "Chaotic," where a half-demon tabloid journalist's boring date is saved...by a supernatural explosion? She's off to save the day—if only her less-than-stellar date wouldn't tag along! Luckily, the intriguing, infuriating, and just plain sexy werewolf/jewel thief Karl Marsten also appears.

My Thoughts :

I really love the Women of the Otherworld series and couldn't resist this one. Despite only being a Novella this short story still manages to show the reader how amazing this writer and series is. Any fan will appreciate finding out how Hope and Karl met and the circumstances surrounding their relationship. While anyone who hasn't yet had the pleasure of reading this series will get a nice idea of how things work in Armstrong's super urban Paranormal books.

This was a quick read and I am pretty sure I have read it before somewhere else. Of cours I would have loved this to be longer but it was a nice little visit before the next full length novel comes out. You really have to read this series if you haven't. It is a must for any readers of the genre.

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