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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

28) Mutiny by Artist Arthur

The Blurb :

One minute Franklin Bryant is a normal teenager in school with his girlfriend, Krystal. The next, a reaper leaves him in Trance, the place between worlds where his destiny will be decided. Franklin has been summoned by the demon Charon to help destroy the Mystyx, a group of classmates including Krystal, with supernatural powers that can defeat Charon.

Franklin loves Krystal, but he faces an impossible choice: join Charon and be rewarded with powers beyond his dreams, or refuse and die.

My Thoughts :

This is another series I have been enjoying so when I saw a short story that fit in with the books I had to give it a try. It was a good quick read but not what I was expecting. That isn't to say it wasn't good it just felt a little different from the other books so far. I liked the concept and it fit in well with the story but I guess I like being on the good side.

Not a bad short story and one I am glad I didn't pass up on. A must read for anyone who has been following the story of the Mystyx but not a story I would recommend for trying before buying. There are some spoilers involved and also this novella wouldn't make much sense to anyone who doesn't know what has happened in the previous books.

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