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Monday, February 27, 2012

35) Shaded Vision by Yasmine Galenorn

The Blurb :

It's Valentine's Day and the D'Artigo women are preparing for their friend Iris's wedding. But when Delilah and her sisters get word that the Super Community Center has been bombed, things get really ugly. The evil coyote shifters--the Koyami--are back, and Newkirk, their new leader, has joined forces with a group of rogue sorcerers.

My Review :

Eleven books into the series and it is hard to say that these books are not good. They are in fact amazing but as with all long running series there will always be a book you like less than the others and Shaded Vision was, for me, a weak piece in the whole puzzle. Although in defence for Shaded Vision I have to say it was going to be hard to follow book ten, Courting Darkness. Whatever happened to Delilah could not over shadow Camille's story. It was just too deep, emotional and fierce to forget and leave behind.

Which is why Shaded Vision lost a lot of it's impact. Despite the many fires the sisters had to put out in this new installment it was clear that Delilah just wasn't going to get the attention she deserved in this book. The focus was always taken away from the lovely tabby and Camille, Iris, Chase and a few other characters seemed to be more in the limelight even though everything was being told from Delilah's perspective.

The cat has grown a lot since the series started but she is still a little too whiny for my liking. With two such strong sisters I guess there has to be a weaker one but I just wish it wasn't the feline. However in this book I felt the cat didn't come out to play enough and most of the fights relied on fists and weapons instead of paws. Actually there was not much advancement made in the life of Delilah. With hardly any real new elements added to her personal story.

Despite my problems with Delilah's lack of presence I still enjoyed the story and the plot did see things getting a little further along. That said I have to say that I wish things would move along just a smidge more. I love this series and don't actually want to see it finish but it would be nice to see an end in sight. More Spirit Seals are needed and with so much action and excitement it would be nice to see the sisters making more advances in defeating the enemy.

Also everything is getting a quite complicated. The author has added a glossary but it is still hard to keep up with who is who and what happened when etc (Oh and the glossary doesn't help much on a Kindle...you can't just flip to the back...). I like the twists and turns the author has used to keep the plot and the series fresh, unique and very delicious but slowly things are getting far fetched and confusing.

All in all a super addition to this amazing series. A definite must read for fans of the Sisters and a series I can highly recommend to anyone who hasn't started it yet. I am really eager to get back to Menolly's story and look forward to the next book in the series, Shadow Rising, which is due out in November. Ah and a plus point this series gets is not having a yearly wait between books!

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Aurian said...

Hi Amber this is one of my favourite series too. Yasmine has told on her blog that she has gotten a contract for a few more books, in both series. She is a full time writer, and delivers 3 books a year, which is awesome.
I totally agree with your review.