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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

45) Shakespeare's Counselor by Charlaine Harris

The Blurb :

Shakespeare, Arkansas, cleaning woman Lily Bard joins a group therapy session, determined to finally face her past. But when a fellow member is murdered, his death sends a warning. But for whom is the message meant? And why?

My Thoughts :

This fifth book in the Lily Bard series had a nice strong start but I have to admit it was my least favourite of all the books. While there was a pretty good plot going things went South after the halfway mark and I wondered where the author really wanted the story to go. It felt like she got sidetracked and rushed to pick up the pieces towards the end but it was still a great book.

So I am finally done with the Lily Bard series. It has been great revisiting these books via audio book and it was amazing how much of the plot I had forgotten. It was interesting to see how Lily changed throughout the books. She got stronger and did things that even surprised her. A great character and one I will miss.

It is a shame that Charlaine Harris hasn't gone back to Shakespeare and written more stories about Lily. The end of this book didn't offer and real closure to Lily's story and despite her relationship with Jack I felt there was more to come. However this cozy mystery series is certainly one of my favourites and I can only highly recommend them to any Harris fans. Maybe now I will go and revisit one of Charlaine's other series. Aurora Teagarden perhaps...

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Persephone said...

I really enjoyed Harris' Lily Bard series and I was sad to have it end. I tried the Teagarden books and hated them. I think it was because of the heroine. You know how law enforcement is always suggesting that these heroines not meddle? Well, I think I can safely say the Aurora was the trigger for every disastrous event. If she had left well enough alone no one would be dead. It got me annoyed that she was doing more bad than good for the people she was 'saving.'

But I am always in the minority when it comes to these things so you might like the books.