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Friday, March 30, 2012

48) A Spirited Gift by Joyce & Jim Lavene

The Blurb :

As the mayor of Duck, North Carolina, Dae is playing host to twenty North Carolina elected officials attending her first Mayors' Conference Weekend at the Blue Whale Inn. When the body of Mayor Sandi Foxx is discovered the morning after a severe storm, Dae receives a vision through the mayor's ring; that there's a killer among the guests who's as deadly as any hurricane.

My Thoughts :

The Mayor of Duck, Dae, isn't scared to get tangled up with the towns business and anything that happens within it. So when the storm touches down and a body is found there is nothing that can stop Dae getting to the bottom of things. She may not have any access to fingerprinting and DNA tests but she does have the ability to find lost things and flash on memories from certain items. Also this time around things get even more paranormal with the ghost of a pirate tagging along.

The Missing Pieces series is only three books old but it is really making progress as far as the general plot and story. While Dae has always had a 'gift' she has never really explored the limits of her 'power'. In this third book this opens up some new aspects when Dae has a ghost pirate along to help her solve not only the recent murder but also find peace for him.

Brilliant writing and great depth, this series really pulls you in with all the descriptive tales and observations. The history and stories are just delightful to read about and I even had to go check out Duck on a map. It really does exist and looks like a wonderful place.

Now I can't wait for book #4. Once again the authors managed to leave a little cliffhanger for us and I am eager to see what that little bomb does to Dae's relationship with Kevin. Also I am curious to see how things play out with Dae's dad. It was great to see some action in that area and I wonder how things will continue.

This isn't just a cozy mystery it is part paranormal and a smidge historical. Well worth checking out. I am really enjoying this series and it is on my must read list.


Vickie said...

I need to get this onto Mt Git'r'Read. I love this series and it's good to know that it's still good in the third book.

Aurian said...

Thanks for the reminder Amber, this series has been on my wishlist for too long now!