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Friday, July 13, 2012

99) Blood Moon by M.R. Sellars

The Blurb :

A mere handful of months has passed since the horror known as Miranda turned Rowan Gant’s and his wife Felicity O’Brien’s lives into an extended nightmare from which there seemed no escape. And still, her evil continues to affect them on levels unimagined-both in the real world and the ethereal. Struggling to cope with those lingering aftereffects and restore some semblance of normalcy to their days, the resilient duo are cursed to find themselves asked to take on the wholly unwanted task of aiding their friend, homicide detective Benjamin Storm, in solving yet another bizarre murder.

While consulting for the Greater Saint Louis Major Case Squad has become an almost full-time job for Rowan-as well as a deeply ingrained part of his life-his desire for a normal existence devoid of crime scenes and horrific visions fuels a deep reluctance to get involved.

However, when a long time enemy within the police force and an insistent spirit both demand the benefits of Rowan’s unique talents, he is thrust into a situation that leaves him no choice in the matter.

But as questions are answered, a thread of deception unravels in the encroaching darkness, leaving the unofficial Witch of the Major Case Squad to wonder who he can really trust.

My Thoughts :

I have really enjoyed this series and during the read-a-thon last weekend I found this ninth book about Rowen Gant hiding among the other dusty 'to be read' books. It had to be read and I couldn't believe I hadn't picked this one up earlier.

The good thing about this series is that it isn't pretending to be something it isn't and there are no over the top theories or made up special abilities. You get a wiccan and his wife who help solve crimes with a detective friend and over the years they have been pulled in deeper than they wanted to be.

This story is no exception to the rule. Once again Rowan finds himself being plagued by the victims who want their murders solved. However on the sidelines, over shadowing the case, is the tail end of the Miranda case. The tension is there and the worry is there. How it all plays out involves a lot of energy being used by all involved. The job gets done even if there are repercussions for Rowan but it is all taking its toll on the 'kimosabe'.

I really liked this ninth installment but I really want Rowan and all his family and friends to finally have a break. So much has happened and I believe it is time for them all to get their reward for all the work and dedication they have put into everything. However I am not giving up on the series. I know there is at least one more book so I am looking forward to seeing if Rowan finally gets a break.

A brilliant series that feels like it should be on TV. A cross between 'Medium' and 'Criminal Minds' the author manages to pack a punch and keep things real. The style flows and the characters are the kind you want to go and have coffee with. A definate must read or at least must try!

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