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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

136) The Asylum Interviews : Bronx by Jocelynn Drake

The Blurb :

In Low Town, where humans walk and work side-by-side with elves, vampires, ogres, and all manner of creature, it's understandable that people occasionally need a little help in their lives. Whether is love, work, or ... other, tattoo artists are there to try to help turn the odds into your favor. When Gage's friend Parker needs help with his love life, tattoo artists Gage and Bronx are only too happy to help. But the incubus ends up getting more than he bargained for with his new tattoo, and his friends are forced to scramble to fix the mess they've created before someone gets hurt.

My Thoughts :

Jocelynn Drake is an author I once discovered (back in the day) but somehow lost track of when suddenly so many Paranormal delights started bursting out of every publishing house imaginable. I vaguely remember a brilliant debut novel from the Dark Days series but can't remember how much further I kept up with her work. So when I won this novella for her new series I was extremely excited.

The Asylum Tales sounds like something based in a mental institution but it is actually about a paranomal tattoo parlour! This isn't a completely original idea but it is one that hasn't been explored to its full potential. However if Bronx is anything to go by it looks like Jocelynn Drake has really hit the nail pn the head.

From the first few lines I was hooked. Great opening scene and some amusing going ons. The characters were nice, fun and easy to get used to even though this was only a novella and there wasn't much time to get to know them. Told from a male perspective it was unusual to have a guy in the lead role at first. Especially as so many Paranormal books are written by women and about women. It was a nice surprise and it worked well.

A super plot with some nice background, this short story really packed in some great details and gave a good insight to the upcoming series. I can't wait to find out more about the magical tattoos and the other bits and pieces that were mentioned. It could really turn out to be a must read, must buy.

If you need a short story to bump up your amount read or are a fan and want to check out the series then you really need to try this. I loved it and will definitely be getting myself a copy of the full length book when it comes out later this month.

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