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Friday, December 28, 2012

169) Pet Shop Boys by Kim Harrison

The Blurb :

A pet shop employee’s innocent date with a customer quickly turns disturbing rather than delightful. She and her family hold a centuries-old secret, and they want him to stay with them forever .

My Thoughts :

Kim Harrison is the reason I got into the paranormal genre. I remember taking a chance on Dead Witch Walking and rushing to buy the next in the series before even getting halfway through that first book in The Hollows series. All these years later and I have made my way through some amazing books just because I read this one book. However while Kim Harrison holds a special place in my reading history she is slowly leaving my list of favourite authors.

The Hollows has been suffering for a while. I still read the series but the new books are never as good as those first 5 or 6 books. So when I saw this short story, not based in the Hollows, I was eager to see what else the author had up her sleeve.

All in all the story was poor. Some authors are just not good at writing short stories and this may just be the case as far as Pet Shop Boys is concerned. First and foremost the title kept reminding me of that band...and their songs...and it was weird. After that it was the whole concept. What started off as an interesting but spooky tale turned into a weird story that I just couldn't follow.

At least it was over quick. However this short story is not the best work this author has produced. I hope it doesn't put off people who haven't yet read Kim's work. I actually worry that people may not try her other books just because of this novella.

Some others may enjoy this little read but I just didn't. Of course everyone is welcome to try it and it is reasonably priced. Just don't expect anything as good as the full length yummy books you know and love.

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Aurian said...

Thanks for this review, now I won't bother reading it. I do love her Hollows series though not as much as I used to.

Mardel said...

Have you tried her young adult series? I think the character's name is Madison Avery. If so, do like that series?

I haven't read because I only read a few young adult. My daughter has also been a bit disappointed in the last few Hollows novels. It's like the character just doens't do any growing up (as many reviewers have stated). Well - maybe there's a very good reason some authors will end a series after a certain number of novels. Monk after 6 or 7, Ann Aguirre, Lilith Saintcrow, etc. Maybe most series aren't meant to last so very long. :)

Unknown said...

@ Aurian - Maybe it will be a free Kindle story one day...then you can check it out without the pain of paying for it! ;)

@ Mardel - I believe I read the first book and wasn't too impressed. It is definitely a series I have on my radar though. Maybe I will use an Audible credit and listen to the first one again.