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Monday, January 7, 2013

175) Hotel Hex by Linda Wisdom

The Blurb :

One Hex of a Weekend

Clue Meets Bewitched and Nancy Drew With a Touch of Hex!

It was all planned. A weekend away at an exclusive hotel in the Hollywood Hills where vampire PI Nick planned to have some alone time with his hexy honey, Jazz.

Except Stonegate Manor isn’t what it appears to be.

Jazz isn’t impressed. The hotel doesn’t boast spa facilities and that seriously upset magick bunny slippers Fluff and Puff. A celebutante psychic is seriously ticking her off. And what’s going on with the rooms? Not to mention the old-fashioned bellhop is a zombie.

Where’s the romance with a kitchen that doubles as a slaughterhouse, guests turning into dry husks, and rooms that change in the wink of an eye. And what exactly is going on with the hotel manager?

There’s no relaxation this hellish weekend for Jazz and Nick as they search for clues on what’s going on at Stonegate Manor. And Jazz goes up against an ancient evil that just might be more than this hexy witch can handle.

My Thoughts :

This book is shown to be the fifth in the Jazz Tremaine series and therefore something I couldn't miss out on. Anyone who has read these amazing books will know that they are too good to pass up on. However it turned out that this was more of a short story than a full length novel. As it is only available as an e-book I am not sure how many pages it has but it was a pretty quick read.

So not only was I let down by the length of this book but also the content. Yes there was Jazz, Nick and Magick Bunny Slippers but the story was just awful. The concept sounded great and I was eager to read it but as things progressed I stared to find nothing of the cool and wacky aspects of the series I have come to know and love. Just a witch who kept on moaning she couldn't feel anything.

The story came across as a mix of some well known horror movies and TV shows thrown together in a paranormal story. It came across as rushed and not well thought out. I often had the sense of deja vu and I am pretty sure the characters repeated actions on many occasions with no advancement in the story.

By the time I realised that I didn't want to know how things ended it was too late. The full length novel I expected already showed as being half read on my Kindle and I forced myself to read the rest. No giggles and nothing of interest happened and I was let feeling annoyed about the whole thing.

I hate giving bad reviews but this is one I won't be recommending. I feel a little cheated by this one and quite deflated. I may have had some high expectations but usually they are met by this author and this time they just weren't. Please however don't be put off! Read any of the other amazing books by this author (see Amazon widget below!) They are totally and utterly amazing reads. However I will tread more lightly before I go rushing off to visit those Magick Bunny Slippers again.

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Aurian said...

I am sorry you are disappointed Amber, I have to say, that cover is gorgeous. Perhaps a Halloween special?