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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

16) Pies & Prejudice by Ellery Adams

The Blurb :

When the going gets tough, Ella Mae LaFaye bakes pies. So when she catches her husband cheating in New York, she heads back home to Havenwood, Georgia, where she can drown her sorrows in fresh fruit filling and flakey crust. But her pies aren't just delicious. They're having magical effects on the people who eat them--and the public is hungry for more.

Discovering her hidden talent for enchantment, Ella Mae makes her own wish come true by opening the Charmed Pie Shoppe. But with her old nemesis Loralyn Gaynor making trouble, and her old crush Hugh Dylan making nice, she has more than pie on her plate. and when Loralyn's fiancé is found dead--killed with Ella Mae's rolling pin--it'll take all her sweet magic to clear her name.

My Thoughts :

Ellery Adams isn't a new author to me. Her Books by the Bay Mystery series is one I have been following and seeing as I do like a nice cozy mystery she is one I have been keeping an eye on. This new series sounded a little too food related but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this series has a magical twist to it!

Finding her husband up to no good with not one woman but two! Ella goes back home to her family. No plans and no money, she finds herself using her baking skills and making some very special pies. In no time at all her family have rallied round and are setting up Ella in her very own pie shop. Unfortunately while this happens a local man, who Ella was heard threatening, ends up dead and the finger points to her in more than one way.

The murder mystery blends in nicely with the whole pie baking and shop opening. The slight hint of magic gets suggested throughout the book but it isn't until later on that Ella really starts to put two and two together. Great plot and yummy pies kept me reading till the end and also drooling. I loved the characters and I was hooked within a few chapters.

The next book in the series is coming out this month and I have already pre-ordered it. I can't wait to see what happens to Ella next! The divorce, her mother and aunts, the magic, the pie shop and much more! Wow it should be a great sequel!

A wonderful and delicious start to a new series, Pies and Prejudice shows that the author is a great mystery writer and that the Pie Shoppe has some great potential. A must read for cozy fans and also anyone who loves a little witchiness in their mysteries. With added recipes you will be ready to make a pie after reading this one!

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M.C.V. EGAN said...

I love the idea of balancing through any creative process...and why not pies.

Nancy said...

I loved this book, and can hardly wait for the next one!

Nancy Haddock

Aurian said...

I loved this book. Ellery Adams is just such a great author. Her books by the bay series is a class apart.