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Sunday, March 17, 2013

39) The Witches of the Blue Well by Paula Brackston

The Blurb :

The story of Ceri, a young woman in early eighteenth-century Wales whose grandmother always told her the magic blood of the women in their family flows through her veins. But when famine and hardship come to their village, will Ceri be able to harness her magic to save herself and her sister, or will her power bring about the destruction of all that she loves?

My Thoughts :

After reading The Winter Witch last week I couldn't resist picking up this novella on my Kindle. I am in love with this authors storytelling and the way she weaves Welsh/Wales into her stories is just amazing.

This short story actually takes place before The Winter Witch and gives some background story to the full length novel. It was a quick but very special read and I am glad I came across it. The author managed to tell an inspiring story in a short amount of words and also kept true to her enthralling storytelling that I have come to know and love.

A nice way to get to know the author and her work. Also a nice place to start if you already have The Winter Witch in your sights. However this is also just a nice little tale to curl up with on your lunch break or while you are waiting for that pie to cook in the oven.

This author is a must read for me and I hope you will all give her a go to. This isn't my usual kind of read but I am totally and utterly in love with Paula's work.

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