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Monday, March 25, 2013

43) A Fool and His Honey by Charlaine Harris

The Blurb :

Aurora’s been around long enough to know that when a day starts out with your handyman going crazy in your front yard, it probably won’t get any better. Sure enough, her husband Martin’s niece Regina shows up with a baby whom no one knew she was expecting. Then she disappears, leaving behind the child—and a murdered husband. To find her, Roe and Martin retrace her steps from sunny Georgia back to snowy Ohio, where they will uncover dark family secrets—at their own peril.

My Review :

The Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris is a very special cozy mystery collection. Just when you think the author and characters have done and seen everything, even more comes along to surprise everyone. Any lovers of the Sookie Stackhouse series will know that the author has a knack for weaving up some interesting mysteries and just because there is nothing paranormal involved in Aurora's world, it doesn't mean that she isn't worth reading about. She is a strong woman and knows what she wants. I have been enjoying revisiting the series via Audible and I am actually enjoying this visit more than when I read the books.

Lots of different things comes together in this book that even I, who has read the book before, didn't see coming. There were certain aspects of the story that I remembered quite clearly but most of it was new to me. I ended up putting the puzzle pieces together as Aurora also started seeing the full picture of what was really going on but it wasn't easy and the story even took her away from her family and friends.

Big changes are obviously coming along in the last two books and that will mostly be due to the events of this sixth book in the series. A Fool and His Honey managed to shock me and I wasn't expecting the end that came along. I am sure the author has a reason for what she did I am more than eager to listen to the next book and find out what the future now holds for Aurora.

Anyone looking for a good cozy series should look up this old gem. It is really worth checking out even if you aren't a Charlaine Harris fan. If you are a fan and only like paranormals, well give this one a try anyway. Charlaine's style shines through without any vampires and these books are amazing reads.

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Nancy said...

I completely agree that Charlaine's mysteries sans vampires are every bit as great as the Sookie series!

Nancy Haddock

Terri Smith said...

Thanks for the review. I love the stackhouse series but usually don't venture away from the paranormal. I may have to try this!