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Saturday, June 29, 2013

93) The Reborn by Lin Anderson

The Blurb :

The clown suddenly appeared beside a group of kids at the candy floss van, bringing Kira to an abrupt halt. Then it began. The rapid heartbeat, the burst of perspiration, the gasping breath. The baby lurched inside her, as though sharing her panic.

When the body of a pregnant teenager is found in a Hall of Mirrors with the full-term foetus surgically removed, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is called in to assist the police. Suspicion falls on Jeff Coulter, a psychotic inmate at a nearby hospital whose hobby is making Reborns -- chillingly realistic baby dolls intended for bereaved parents or those unable to conceive. But how could he have orchestrated the murder from a secure mental facility?

The investigation leads to a group of teenage girls who seem to have all got pregnant at the same time. Then a Reborn doll is discovered near the crime scene and a second girl from the group is found dead.

My Thoughts :

After reading the previous book in this series only a couple of weeks ago I was really eager to read the next part.  However I didn't expect to be reading this seventh installment so soon.  A dead Kindle led me to my bookshelf this morning and since then (with a short break for shopping and eating) I have been deep into this exciting mystery.

With no Paranormal elements, you all may wonder why I even bother reading this series.  Well the well laid out plot and wonderful forensic angles are just a couple of reasons.  Mostly I love the characters, location and concept.  Nothing like a good crime series set in the dismal city of Glasgow.  Where things are never what they seem and some things will shock you but it doesn't really suprise you.

In this seventh part of the tale I had some questions answered and a suspicion of mine was confirmed.  It was an interesting chain of events that led Rhonda to discovering what had really happened to her friend Michael.  However what was more interesting was the actual murder mystery.  I was engrossed in the investigation and couldn't believe how things played out.  Wonderful plot!

If you like CSI, Bones and any of those kinds of TV programmes then you will love these books.  If you are a lover of things Scottish then you may want to give these a try.  I find the books to be honest, brutal and extremely addictive.  I read this book over the course of a few hours today because I just couldn't wait to see how things developed and ultimately what had really happened.  I know there is another book in the series and I believe it could be the last.  I hope to get hold of a copy soon.  I want to see if Rhonda gets a happy ending.

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Becky said...

Thanks for sharing this review!
I will have to give this series a try. I love Bones and CSI, so I will probably enjoy this series. I'm off to find the first one in this series.