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Friday, August 9, 2013

111) Kitty in the Underworld by Carrie Vaughn

The Blurb :

As Denver adjusts to a new master vampire, Kitty gets word of an intruder in the Denver werewolf pack’s territory, and she investigates the challenge to her authority. She follows the scent of the lycanthrope through the mountains where she is lured into a trap, tranquilized, and captured.

When she wakes up, she finds herself in a defunct silver mine: the perfect cage for a werewolf. Her captors are a mysterious cult seeking to induct Kitty into their ranks in a ritual they hope will put an end to Dux Bellorum. Though skeptical of their power, even Kitty finds herself struggling to resist joining their cause. Whatever she decides, they expect Kitty to join them in their plot . . . willingly or otherwise

My Thoughts :

We are twelve books into the Kitty story and I admit I am having mixed feelings about it all.  I loved this series and couldn't wait for the next installment.  However the last few books haven't been what I have come to expect and this latest release also disappointed me.  It was a nice story in theory but I think a lot of people will be as disappointed as I was.  There wasn't, in my honest opinion, any progress made in this twelth book and the close world of Kitty (her pack etc) were once again nowhere to be seen.  Oh and the Underworld title is very misleading.  It wasn't what I was expecting at all.

There is a whole new story arc that has appeared over the last few books and I am finding it really hard to understand why it is Kitty's problem.  I am sure somewhere along the line something happened but things seem to be dragging along.  If anything the whole 'Roman' thing is just runing the feel of the series.  I loved Kitty getting into some kind of trouble and it was always exciting but she still managed to do some great shows inbetween and the pack, Ben and Cormac all got involved and it felt like things progressed.  Now Kitty is beating the same bush all the time and even her shows are on the backburner.

I realise that to keep the series going there must be some kind of continuing story but why that has to be to do with vampires and not closer to home on the werewolf front is making me slowly bored of the series.  Sure the writing style is still great and I still enjoy Kitty and her strength but I miss the good old days of running with the pack and having a mystery to solve.  Instead I have another series who is hunting/fighting the big bad evil.  Saving the world and all that is great but that wasn't what Kitty was about for me.

Devoted fans of the series, like myself, will be eager to read this new release and I won't be telling them not to.  After all this is Kitty we are talking about and she is hard to give up on.  I will also be keeping up with Kitty because I have already come this fair and want to see how things play out.  Although I wonder how many more books Kitty really has in her and how long this story arc will drag out because I didn't feel that this book really got us any closer in the 'quest'.

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Aurian said...

I am sorry your love for this series has faded Amber. I still have not started reading it, someday ...