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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

119) Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch

The Blurb :

A mutilated body in Crawley. Another killer on the loose. The prime suspect is one Robert Weil; an associate of the twisted magician known as the Faceless Man? Or just a common or garden serial killer?

Before PC Peter Grant can get his head round the case a town planner going under a tube train and a stolen grimoire are adding to his case-load.

So far so London.

But then Peter gets word of something very odd happening in Elephant and Castle, on a housing estate designed by a nutter, built by charlatans and inhabited by the truly desperate.

Is there a connection?

And if there is, why oh why did it have to be South of the River?

My Thoughts :

Broken Homes is the Fourth book that follows London policeman Peter Grant on his journey to learn magic and stop the bad things people do with magic.  Peter has come a long way since he stumbled into the magical london underground life and he has managed to get himself into and out of some pretty sticky situations over the course of the previous three books.  This new installment sees Peter once again following the strange smells that magic leaves behind.  However this time around the story ends with a nasty twist.

There was everything I had come to expect.  A dead body, magical evidence and strange cooking attempts by Molly.  Sure there were more wild and wonderful bits and pieces in Broken Homes but those three things always stick out.  This time around there was some council estate action which I could totally relate to and also some more great insights to the Metropolitian Police.  The writing style is easy to follow and the concept unique.  Frest and fantastic this is a series I have come to love even more as the story continues and try to recommend to anyone who will listen.

I will admit that there was a slight mind wandering moment while listening to this book (I have been following this one via Audible) that made me lose the plot a little.  I did manage to keep up but I feel like I missed some little details here and there which came back to bite me later.  I kept up though and complicated as it was, I figured out what I had missed and filled in the gaps.  Peter is ever so good as storytelling after all.

If you are a Harry Potter fan then think of this as the adult version with more wit and depth.  Somewhere along the lines of Harry Dresden but extremely British and therefore more brutal, I can't help but love this series.  The twist at the end, one I didn't see coming, was a shock.  I felt betrayed and hurt but hope that it all gets resolved in the fifth book.

This is a series you will love or hate.  I love it and can highly recommend the audio book version.  Now the wait has begun for the next installment.  


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