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Saturday, October 5, 2013

October Recommendations & Pre-orders

Sorry it has been quiet around here this week. I needed a little break from blogging.

In the sidebar My Recommendations and Pre-orders are listed in an Amazon Widget. They are there to help you all see what I really liked reading lately. The "My Recommendations" widget lists the books I really enjoyed over the last few months and I highly recommend you read. Of course there will always be something you don't fancy and there may even be an ARC or two thrown in there but you can quickly click over to Amazon and she what the book is about or when it releases.  It is also a little look at what books may turn up in the next Monthly Giveaway!

The Pre-order list is exactly what it sounds like! The books I have on pre-order.  If you are looking forward to a certain book on the list you may want to go pre-order it yourself.  It also gives you an idea of what books I am planning to read and which ones I really want so much that I order them in advance.

Every month I try and update the lists and post them on the blog so you can all see they have been updated and what is on them. Just incase you miss them on the sidebar.

Take a look at this months My Recommendations and Pre-orders!   Let me know if you see something you like! ;)

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