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Saturday, December 21, 2013

163) Here Comes the Vampire by Kimberly Raye

The Blurb :

Top matchmaker and owner of Manhattan’s primo hook-up service, Dead End Dating—and one scorching hot vampire herself—Lil Marchette knows a little something about happily ever afterlife. But the bat hits the fan when she wakes up in the Las Vegas Mayan Resort and Casino hung-over and hitched to an old friend (and fellow night-lifer) who is NOT her bounty-hunting steady Ty Bonner.

Lil swipes some of the casino’s security tapes to shed light on the evening’s hazy events, but what she finds can make a vamp’s blood run even colder. Instead of her trip to the altar, the tapes reveal explosive footage of a poker game gone horribly wrong—a game which could launch an all-out war between the bloodsuckers and their werewolf brethren. Suddenly Lil finds herself catapulted into the middle of a hit man’s twisted scheme. But can this diva of the undead avert an epic battle, outrun a killer, and undo her “I do” before all hell breaks loose?

My Thoughts :

After three years of waiting I finally found the next Dead End Dating book on my Kindle.  It was a special moment because I know the author has been trying very hard to get this sixth book out there and it has been so long since Lil had come out to play.  I missed her and the dysfunctional life, friends and family she has.  It was so good to know this book was finally out that I admit my to be read pile was forgotten and this was my next read.

It was worth the wait!  Lil was on top form again and managed to get herself into a very difficult if not hilariously funny situation.  How she goes about getting out of the matrimonial trouble is just as funny.  The whole episode is an amusing and sometimes cringe worthy well written story that I enjoyed a lot.  The author already proved this series was a hit with the first five books but this sixth installment just shows that the series still is as great as it was and I really hope she publishes more.

Dead End Dating is a brilliantly well thought out paranormal romance with a cozy mystery twist.  You can expect some very unusual and original vampires and some interesting werewolves inside this series.  The dating agency is a lovely base for the story while the characters just shine by themselves.  This is a series that you really need to follow from the beginning and I highly recommend trying it.

This was one of the first vampire series I read and I loved it enough to keep reading the genre.  It also showed me that not all paranormal books are all doom, gloom and fighting.  There are light and fluffy ones out there that are still full of enough action and mystery to keep things interesting.

So make sure you visit Lil.  She is a fun vampire who a has a slight problem with money and a very weird family who will make you laugh.  Hopefully there will be more escapades from this character!

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Aurian said...

Thanks for this review Amber I will give the first book in the series another try.