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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

17) Picture Her Dead by Lin Anderson

The Blurb :

She began to scrape at the mortar. A few minutes later she was able to prise the edge of the brick loose. The resulting rush of foetid air made her gag, but she focussed her torch beam on the enlarged hole and peered inside. Her eyes widened in horror.

When art student Jude Evans disappears on a photographic visit to a derelict Glasgow cinema, her friend Liam he enlists the help of his birth mother, forensic scientist Dr. Rhona MacLeod, in his search for Jude.

Visiting other derelict cinemas on her list, they find clues to her disappearance and to the horrifying secret she may have discovered behind those walls. Throughout the investigation, Rhona must deal with the news that a face from her past is literally back from the dead—but for how long?

My Thoughts :

I came across Lin Anderson's books while visiting Edinburgh a while back.  Over the years I have tried to keep up with the series as often as possible and have become quite attached to Rhonda and her friends.  The murder mysteries and continuing story arcs have kept me coming back for more but I have to admit that the Glasgow setting and brilliant forensic angle keep me hooked.

This time around the author explores another interesting little known fact about Glasgow and weaves a mystery into it.  The amount of time that went into the research really shows and the subject matter will have you doing a Google search as soon as you have the chance.  As always the mystery keeps you guessing till the very end and there is lots of possibilities to stop you from deciding on one.

Wonderfully written with some great characters and an amazing story, I loved this eight installment as much as I did the previous seven.  I can't wait for more and hope that some of you will feel like trying this series out.  CSI, Bones and Broadchurch are all tied up together with a huge Scottish bow.  Well worth giving a go and not for the kind of person who has to have a perfect happy ending!

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Aurian said...

I think this might be just a tad too scary for me.