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Saturday, April 19, 2014

38) That Touch of Magic by Lucy March

The Blurb :

Stacy Easter has seen better days. Being a librarian is a labor of love—if only paying her bills were half as much fun. What’s a single, bookish beauty in sleepy Nodaway Falls, New York, supposed to do?

To make ends meet, Stacy decides to develop her special…powers. Everyone can use a touch of magic now and then, right? Soon she’s got clients lining up to receive her signature potions—until a few of them go awry. Meanwhile, her own life has just taken a storybook turn: Leo North, the official One Who Got Away, is back in town.

Stacy’s best friends, Peach and Liv, are more concerned about the state of her heart than the side effects of a few rogue magic spells. But someone with dark intentions is crossing magical wires all over Nodaway Falls, and those closest to Stacy are at risk. Can Stacy conjure up a way out of this mess with her life—and maybe even her love life—intact?

My Thoughts :

I remember reading the debut book in this series, 'A Little Night Magic', and wanting to read more straight away.  However it seems the author or publisher didn't want us to have more until two years later.  'That Touch of Magic' was over due and when I saw it on Audible I decided it was worth a credit.  What made it more inviting was the narrator.  The same voice that does the Molly Harper books.  It is worth listening to this book for that talent alone.

Anyway, a two year gap is too long.  At first I couldn't remember anything about the previous book and decided I must have gotten it mixed up with something else.  The references to the previous story did little to jog my memory and in the end I went and looked up the first book and read the blurb.  Thats when the penny dropped, this book is from another POV.  Stacy was not the lead character in the last book but just a part of the story.  Things started to make a little bit more sense with the help of the blurb and this information.

Despite the slight confusion and memory loss I still liked the story and the paranormal element was somehow fun.  I wonder if I would have liked the story if I had read it because the narrator really did make this one enjoyable to listen to.  At some points the story dragged a little and I felt like Stacey spent a lot of time running around in circles.  By the end I was pleased with how things worked out and was happy that I had picked this one to listen to.

There were some minor problems I had with the story and some of the characters but I managed to turn a blind eye (or in this case, ear) to them.  Spoilers ahead : Stacey often mentions her lack of money but she always seems to have enough to waste.  She tells Leo on many times that she doesn't want him but easily, without any qualms, gets back together with him.  The whole Desmond night and how she seems to forget it so easily was weird.  Especially with everything he did.  Oh and Leo and his priesthood thing?  Ran off to join the circus would have been a better story.

I am hoping the author/publishers don't make us wait too long for book number three in the series.  I wouldn't mind visiting Nodaway Falls again and catching up with the magically community and seeing what other trouble they can get themselves into.  Nice read, definitely worth listening to and one of those feel good, giggle and enjoy stories.

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Aurian said...

Not sure I want to read this Amber. Glad you enjoyed it by listening to it.