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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

42) Prom Queen of the Undead by Shannon Duffy

The Blurb :

no exception for the students at Littleton High; especially one student in particular named Stormy Knight who's a half vampire queen and half mortal being struggling to find her place in the human world. Overall, Stormy thinks she's doing a pretty decent job of fitting in, at least until the undead begin popping up around her school and her mom, Candi the Vampire Queen (who enjoys eating ghosts way too much), suddenly decides to start dropping into her life too.

With all of the chaos that ensues, Stormy soon realizes that it's up to her and her friends, Marco and Corey, to figure out who's bringing back the dead-but will Stormy, blessed with super-human powers, be able to decide between what's right and what she's willing to sacrifice soon enough to stop the ghosts before they take over the world?

My Thoughts :

The blurb didn't sound so bad and therefore, for some reason, this book ended up on my kindle.  While I was looking for something older on my Kindle to read (try and get through some of the stuff that has been on there for ages) I came across this and decided to finally give it a try.  After all it was short and hopefully it would be sweet.

However within a few chapters I was ready to give up.  Actually I should have but it wasn't a very long read so I stuck with it.  The names of the characters were the first thing that annoyed me.  Stormy Knight was one I could have accepted but Rosey Cheeks was taking things a little too far.  Also who has ever heard of a Vampire Queen called Candi?  Are Young Adult readers really that young and stupid?

Maybe I am too old to enjoy this one but I have to say I have read some amazing Young Adult books over the years and could always find my inner child.  However this book was just high school nonsense with some magic and vampire stuff thrown in.  It felt like it should be a comedy sitcom but there was nothing to laugh about.

I could continue to rant and rave but the story wasn't that long and I don't see the point in going on and on about it.  Just be warned if you had your eye on this one.  It isn't really worth it but if you have someone in your life who is a younger reader then they may enjoy it a lot.

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1 comment:

Aurian said...

Thanks for the warning, I will stay far away from it :).
Vampires who eat ghosts that sounded just like vampires that sparkle...