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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

55) Sentenced to Death by Lorna Barrett

The Blurb :

As the owner of Stoneham, New Hampshire's mystery bookstore Haven't Got a Clue, Tricia Miles can figure out whodunit in the latest bestseller long before she gets to the last page. But when her friend is killed in a freak accident, Tricia must use her sleuthing skills to solve a murder mystery that promises to be much more sinister than the books on her shelves.

My Thoughts :

I haven't been feeling to well the last few days so I really haven't been in the mood to read.  However when I did want to read there was only one thing I could think about picking up and that was the next installment in the Booktown Mystery Series.  I am on #5 and still have a couple more to read before I am up to date but as it is I am finding it harder and harder to resist picking up the next part.  There is something about this cozy series that has me addicted.  I don't think it will be long before the next book finds it way into my hands.

This time around the murder is all in Tricia's mind.  Or is it? The tragic accident that kills a friend isn't all it seems but Tricia's suspicions aren't shared by anyone else.  Her snooping manages to dig up all kinds of information but nothing concrete and it isn't until the very end that everything comes together and things make some kind of sense.  I was pretty sure that it was 'drumroll' murder but I, like the other characters involved, couldn't really see it at first.  It took a while and when it finally all came to a head it was over so quickly that if I had blinked I would have missed it.  After all that effort I admit I was expecting a bit more oomph!

Book number five sees some major changes in the town of books.  The mysterious and rich investor makes a bigger impression which is beginning to confuse all the locals.  Ginny makes a big decision and as already mentioned a friend ends up dead.  Russ finally backs off and Tricia snags a romantic interest while wondering about her ex-husbands intentions.  Angelica becomes even more likable and Bob gets the 'He should be the next victim' award.  Miss Marple becomes very vocal in this book and I missed Mr Everett.  He was there but just not enough.

Another great addition to the series and a good mystery.  I really enjoy visiting Stoneham and can't wait to go there again.  The plots are always interesting but the characters are the pulling point.  Such diverse and unusual people are hard to leave alone and not get involved with.  I certainly can't wait to see what they all get up to next time.  I also look forward to finding out how Tricia's relationships continue and what this secret investor is up to.  I hope all will be revealed soon...I have a feeling it will be someone we know.

This series is well worth trying especially if you are a big book lover because well it is based in a town full of books!  Otherwise just take a look in and check out the small town life.  It isn't boring in Stoneham and you will definitely find something you will like.

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Aurian said...

Lovely review Amber! Is this the book where the little dog makes an appearance?

Amberkatze said...

Yes! I knew as soon as it had a home where it was going to be living ;)