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Friday, July 4, 2014

72) Some Enchanted Éclair by Bailey Cates

The Blurb :

When Hollywood invades Savannah’s historic district to film a Revolutionary War movie, magical baker Katie Lightfoot, and her witches’ coven, the Spellbook Club, take a break from casting spells for casting calls. One of the witches snags a part as an extra, while Katie’s firefighter boyfriend, Declan, acts as on-set security. Katie and her aunt Lucy decide to stay out of the action, but after the movie’s “fixer” fires the caterer, the Honeybee Bakery comes to the rescue, working their magic to keep the hungry crew happy.

But when someone fixes the fixer—permanently—and a spooky psychic predicts Katie will find the killer, the charming baker and her fellow conjurers step in to sift through the suspects…before someone else winds up on the cutting room floor….

My Thoughts :

I have been enjoying this series since the series began  and this fourth installment was as yummy and magical as the previous three.  It is such a great combination of cozy mystery, baking and magic with some lovely characters that you really want to spend time with.  The style is just delicious and I couldn't help myself from devouring this pre-order as soon as it arrived.  Bailey Cates cooks up a great mystery and she uses the best ingredients.

This time around the story revolves around the filming of a movie in Savannah.  The guys are working security and another character or two are involved in the filming.  Katie ends up getting involved via her culinary delights which leads to her being, once again, smack bang in the middle of a murder investigation.  It sounds like your usual cozy but the surprises inside are mostly due to the magic.  Some interesting developments occur in this fourth installment and I have to wonder what will happen next.

Some changes in the Declan and Katie relationship is related once again to magic but this time around the tables are turned.  A search for an old acquaintance has Katie confused and then shocked.  The coven has some news and also it looks like there will be a new younger character joining the coven/bakery in the next book.   Also it seems that Detective Quinn is happier having Katie help than interfering.

If you haven't already had the pleasure of visiting the Magical Bakery series then you are missing a treat.  The covers look a little too cozy and cute but to be honest I really like them.   The mystery inside is always interesting and keeps you guessing till the end.  The on-going magical theme is engaging and I am always surprised at the new details and depths the author adds in each installment.  The baking ideas and recipes at the end are just an added bonus to a really great read.

The fifth book will be going on pre-order as soon as it is listed.  I can't wait to visit Katie and the rest of the gang again.  The whole book envelopes the reader in a cozy but magical blanket which keeps you warm and happy till the very end.  I feel honoured to spend time in this wonderful bakery in Savannah and read about the characters who make up the friends and family of Katie, a person I would love to be friends with.  Well worth checking out and definitely worth sharing with friends!

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