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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

88) The Helena Diaries by Jana DeLeon

The Blurb :

Do you love Helena Henry?

Did you wonder what she was thinking during Trouble in Mudbug, or what she was up to when she was off-page in the novel?

If so, then this novella is for you. All of Helena’s thoughts and actions during Trouble in Mudbug, compiled in a diary for you to enjoy.

My Thoughts :

WARNING: This novella is a companion book to TROUBLE IN MUDBUG. You should not read this novella prior to completing Trouble in Mudbug. The novella contains major spoilers for the novel and would not make sense if read beforehand.

Believe the warning because this book would make no sense to anyone who has not read Trouble in Mudbug.  If you have already read the first book in the Ghost-in-Law series or maybe even further then think twice about reading this short story.  Usually I encourage fans to read these short stories that fit inbetween the ful length books but this one didn't really offer much to the series or my opinion of Helena.

A quick read this novella offers nothing new to the story or explain anything you can't read about in book one.  All this offers is a chance to see things from the otherside.  Helena's experiences as a ghost are amusing but nothing special stands out in her diaries.  After being really impressed by the first book I wanted to read this one to keep things in order.  However it was basically a recap of the story I had just finished.

Despite this one being a bit of a dud I already downloaded the second book in the series and already started listening to it.  The series really is fun and I recommend trying it but don't waste any money on this short piece.  Just nab it if it is free.

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