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Sunday, September 7, 2014

97) Resurrection in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon

The Blurb :

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the bayou…

Jadyn St. James is excited to start her job as game warden in Mudbug, Louisiana, and hopes it is the beginning of a new and improved life. She expected to run across any number of odd occurrences in the small bayou town, but she never thought her life would be in danger within a matter of days. And that’s not even the worst thing.
Helena Henry was hell on wheels—both alive and dead—when she resided in Mudbug, and a year in heaven hasn’t improved her one bit. Now, she’s back and has brought trouble with her.

When it becomes apparent that a major crime is occurring in Mudbug, Colt Bertrand is more than frustrated to be saddled with an inexperienced game warden, especially one who looks like Jadyn. But it soon becomes apparent that they need to put their differences aside if they expect to solve the crime, and more importantly, stay alive.

My Thoughts :

My lack of posts may make you all believe that I am not reading anything but in fact I am.  The fresh new school year has, as usual, sucked away all my reading time and I am way behind on my reading goal for this year.  While I haven't had much time to actually sit and read I have had time to listen to the next Mudbug book while on my way to and from work.  Book five in the Ghost-in-Law series was just as good as the previous four and it has made my travel time really fly by.

 I am absolutely loving Mudbug!  Once again I was not disappointed in the continuing story of the Mudbug residents and all the secrets they hold.  The Ghost-In-Law twist this time around was funny because everyone thought Helena Henry was gone and the story took place a year later.  The POV in this book was a new character but now and again a couple of other characters took the reins.  More of a joint effort and a great way to catch up with what all the previous characters are up to.

This time around the plot centered around Jaydn the new game warden and the local police detective Colt.  The majority of the other characters from the previous books were all present as they both try and stop the new trouble in the Bayou which starts with money flying around and continues with some dead bodies turning up.

I loved the plot with its very interesting and dramatic twists and turns.  It could be seen as over the top but it made for great reading.  The author manages to make the story light and fun but also keep it serious.  I find myself shocked and amazed and then giggling the next minute as I listen to this well narrated audiobook.

My stay in Mudbug, Louisianna isn't over! I have the fifth installment ready to start tomorrow and hope that part six will also appear on the audible site soon!  I am loving this series so much that I can't stop myself from continuing.  This cozy paranormal mystery is a hoot and if you like Molly Harper's books then you will also love what Jana DeLeon has going on in Mudbug.  Well worth checking out and definitely worth listening to with Johanna Parker (Sookie Stackhouse Audibles) reading this story like a pro!

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Nancy said...

I'm behind in commenting - way behind! - but have to say I adore the Mudbug series. I love seeing your reviews about the books, too!

I hope you have an excellent school year!

Nancy Haddock