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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

121) Wolverton Station by Joe Hill

The Blurb :

Saunders made his fortune as a hatchet man for hire and has come to England to do what he does best: chop down the little guys to clear the way for a global firm. But his train north just made an unexpected stop to let on some passengers straight out of the worst kind of fairy tale. Now he's up to his ankles in blood and finding out just what it really means to live in a dog-eat-dog world.

My Thoughts :

I know of Joe Hill and I believe I have one, if not two, of his books on my bookshelf.  Despite not getting to them I decided to try this short story over the Halloween weekend because I know his books are supposed to be on the more thrilling and scary side.  Wolverton station was definitely a little dramatic and certainly bloody but I am not too sure if I like the style.

This novella was a good way to try the author and I have to say I did enjoy the story quite a bit.  However it was over too soon and I felt it missed out on a lot of information.  I wanted to know more about Saunders and the wolves.  Why?  Who?  What?  Yes this is a common problem with short stories but maybe my expectations were too high.

I would definitely recommend this short read to someone who wants to get a feel for the author or if you need/want something quick to read.  It has left me more interested in Joe Hill's work and hope I will get around to reading more of his books soon.

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