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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

123) Relatively Dead by Sheila Connolly

The Blurb :

Abby Kimball has just moved to New England with her boyfriend and is trying to settle in, but the experience is proving to be quite unsettling, to say the least. While on a tour of local historic homes, Abby witnesses a family scene that leaves her gasping for breath—because the family has been dead for nearly a century. Another haunting episode follows, and another, until it seems to Abby that everything she touches is drawing her in, calling to her from the past.

Abby would doubt her sanity if it weren’t for Ned Newhall, the kind and knowledgeable guide on that disturbing house tour. Rather than telling her she’s hallucinating, Ned takes an interest in Abby’s strange encounters and encourages her to figure out what’s going on, starting with investigating the story of the family she saw . . . and exploring her own past.

My Thoughts :

I have wanted to read a book by Sheila Connolly for years and never managed to get around to it.  So when I picked up a book on Netgalley and realised it was the second in the series, I had to hunt down this debut.  Of course I found Relatively Dead was already on my Kindle and so I started reading it straight away.

Throughout the whole book I couldn't really decided what the mystery was.  I guess the biggest mystery was why Abby kept putting up with Brad.  The other mystery was why she was seeing ghosts and another mystery was why her great grandfather disappeared all those years ago.  The first mystery was solved a little too late for my liking but never the less it got sold.  The second mystery was partly solved...or at least in my opinion it wasn't completely finished.  The last mystery was solved but very abruptly and with little time spent on it.

This may sound all a little boring, annoying or even confusing but my sum up doesn't do the book justice.  It was actually a nice story with lots of historical and interesting facts.  I really enjoyed the book and wonder what the next story will bring.  The paranormal aspect is not overwhelming and for some it may not be enough.  It was however a nice concept that I look forward to reading the next one.

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